Florent Mounier
Florent Mounier
Florent Mounier
"if someone shared them with you [tips and tricks] you'd make it into the big leagues in no time." Kinda wanted to react and say i agree, this is somewhat of a silly thought, but at the same time... What are beginners supposed to think when they browse through youtube and 90% of advice are about tips and tricks? especially when these come from youtubers who are former pros in big AAA companies and like to brag about it so they can hook you on their content? I like to think it's not my case, but i'd be lying if i said my brain doesn't want to believe there are certain "shortcuts" to success. It's a tough subject since it basically means you gotta believe these guys have no idea what they are talking about and at the same time were able to force their way into the industry.
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