Mikal Ingebregtsen
Mikal Ingebregtsen
I create various works of arts. Watch me learn and watch me grow.
Mikal Ingebregtsen
Hello! I have made some drawings with the lessons from this course and need some help with criticism/feedback on what I have posted here. What is bad and what is good and so on. The form on the buttom on drawing: 1, I decided to give myself a challenge with only using one B2 pencil and try to make the most of it in terms of light and shadow contrasts. The other two shapes in drawing: 1 I have used two to maybe four pencils on. I would also like to say that this course has been fantastic fun to work on. I hope there will be a critique video like the ones in the Proko lessons for this course soon from Steven Zapata. I also think that he is a very good teacher and a very inspiring artist with a good sense of humor, and am looking forward to see more from him in the future with new courses. Hope people here can help me. :-)
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Mikal Ingebregtsen
Thank you so much for the constructive feedback I really appreciate it. This is really something I will take with me further in my work here.
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