Jorge Carrera
Jorge Carrera
Christopher Johnson
Hello, this is my first post! I have been trying to learn how to hold the pencil differently, but it's proving quite the challenge for accuracy, so my lines tend to be very unsure and scratchy for now as I work on that...The first 6 are from the proko course, the last ones are from a weekly session I started via Zoom. These are mostly 2min poses with some 30 second ones in the latter I believe. Please let me know what I can do to improve (I'm already working on the pencil holding/line/circle excercises every day, hopefully it will sink in soon!). P.S., sometimes you forget everything you're supposed to do when you start drawing in a live session, lol...
IMG 4595
IMG 4596
IMG 4597
IMG 4598
IMG 4599
IMG 4600
IMG 4634
IMG 5119
IMG 5120
IMG 5640
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Jorge Carrera
This is great work! May I ask, do you use the overhand grip? If so, do you use a desk or your lap? I found it really uncomfortable and hink the only way would be to have a reclined surface for that grip...
Jorge Carrera
So I've been trying these for a few weeks now, I'd like to go on to the bean but hopefully I can have some feedback before. These are just some but i've done a bunch already, tried 2 min, 30 sec, 5 lines + head, and 2 min using charcoal as sugested buy proko (you can see the darker lines) these have been particularly difficult, trying the overhand grip while drawing either on my lap or on a desk, plus trying to get the gesture right has been very challenging, and the charcoal pencil on its own is kinda hard to use, but I guess I'll get accustomed to it. Any comments, critique or feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
2 min 1
2 min 2
5 lines 1
5 lines 2
30 sec 1
30 sec 2
30 sec 3
charcoal 1
charcoal 2
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