Jéssica Ribeiro
Jéssica Ribeiro
Jéssica Ribeiro
​Hi! My name is Jéssica and I'm an illustrator and character designer from Brazil. I've been working as a 2D artist for about 3 years now, but mainly for advertisement companies. I'd love to work for games and animation, as well as to reach a higher level in my art. I want to work for better clients and consolidate myself in the industry. Where do you think I should focus my studies to reach those goals and be a better artist ​overall? Thank you very much!
menina passaro pintura
concept maca poses
adventure girl
harry potter illustration peq
floating city peq
exploracao personagens color2
turnaround characters creature color2
retrato flores final peq
pose 08 03 peq
18 09 peq
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Jéssica Ribeiro
Thank you so much! This was really helpful! :))