Brad Sutton
Brad Sutton
Bg Lead - Animation industry, Oil painter on the side, aspiring illustrator, art learner
Brad Sutton
Hey everyone! My name's Brad (30), I currently work full time in animation as a BG artist. My long time goal has been to get a piece onto a magic card. However, I'd really be happy with any major similar achievement; D&D, Gwent, Hearthstone, book covers, board game art, etc. Lofty goals, I'm aware, but I enjoy the passion of learning and the journey along the way, to have at least tried my best towards it. Working in the field long term would be cool, but right now I'm just focused on eventually (hopefully) being capable of that that echelon of work. Here are a few selects from my Art Station portfolio, I wish the age range of these shots were a bit tighter, a few are a bit older and I've definitely grown since. I'm wondering if I'm on track/getting close? is it just more banging my head against this wall? any specific tips/criticism of the work is welcome! Cheers, and thanks for taking a look if you get around to it!
brx sutton abc1
brx sutton dune ish
brx sutton evilportrait
brx sutton frontierfinal
brx sutton girl on horse stage 14
brx sutton mtg knowing wizard3 feb4
brx sutton nelumbo stalker
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