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William P
William P
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William P
Wanted to do some frog studies. As a cartooonist I don't tend to do digital paintings much, but I like how these came out. Anyone have any more tips or resources for digital painting? Its still pretty new for me, but its refreshing to try something different for personal works.
William P
Some examples of construction lines being used to build up cartoon figures. I generally almost always use construction lines when cartooning (unless I'm just sketching for general enjoyment) or for doing an illustration that requires perspective, lighting, and or objects to be involved with characters
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William P
Wanted to practice some comic esque faces. Overall I think I did pretty good for not doing this type of style in a bit, but still have a hard time drawing lips and having the head facing foward
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William P
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Cat in Boxes
Wanted to practice drawing some boxes but couldn't resist drawing some cats in them. I generally try to practice fundamentals, but I like adding in some fun every once in a while since straight studying can kill me creatively sometimes haha.
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William P
Howdy, everyone! My name is William and I'm brand new to this Proko community! I've been drawing for 8 years and mostly focus on cartooning. I'm a tad bit nervous since I don't tend to post my art on socials much but I hope you enjoy some of these sketches I've made throughout the year.
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