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Portrait Drawing with Graphite – Timelapse

February 14, 201335 Comments

Graphite pencils (hb, 2b, 6b)
Strathmore 400 bristol paper

2 hours 20 mins sped up to 7 minutes.

Thanks Matt Highfield for the photo 🙂

Watch for the huge finale!

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  1. SHYAM says:

    Awesome… the end was totally unexpected… 🙂 Loved it…

  2. Peter Luke says:

    Hahaha. Nice work bro! I was surprised, as I’m sure she was. Its pretty solid id you did that for your friend Stan.

  3. John F Willis says:

    The absolute, most original proposal I’ve ever seen. I wish I’d thought of it 33 years ago when I ask my wife to marry me from Navy Bootcamp Sandiego Ca. Killer portraiture!!

  4. yosafe says:

    Congrats Matt & Holly!

    Thanks, Stan. ( I learned from it)

  5. Justin Jenkins says:

    Sick man. Love the whole thing. Me lil heart is a meltin’. lol!

  6. Kathy Schnur says:

    Thanks, Always fun to watch others work, reminds me how dark the darks really have to be…

  7. Great painting ! Love it.

  8. Frith says:

    Nicely done Proko. This is why I love drawing, especially with charcoal. I loved watching you build up the darks and work in the highlights; I hadn’t seen you do much of that in your other tutorials. The end was an extra treat.

  9. I agree that is the most original proposal ever!
    Fantastic portrait. Excellent job on the hands.

  10. John Collado says:

    Hi Stan… another beautiful piece, really enjoy watching you work. Any chance of showing off your work in the future, digitally? Though I am a traditional artist I pretty much have switched over to digital to keep up in today’s market. Looking forward to your next video.

    • you mean doing a drawing in photoshop or painter? I don’t have much experience with digital painting, and haven’t felt any pressure to switch. So, I’m not the best person to do that tutorial.. I like the idea of having an original drawing/painting vs prints.

      • John Collado says:

        “you mean doing a drawing in photoshop or painter? I don’t have much experience with digital painting, and haven’t felt any pressure to switch. So, I’m not the best person to do that tutorial.. I like the idea of having an original drawing/painting vs prints.”

        Yes, you are right about that. My house is full of originally done paintings and now that I’m working digitally everything that hangs are prints done from the digital files. That is one drawback, but on the other hand digital is very helpful when working with clients… saves a ton of time. As far as your membership thoughts, I would be interested in signing up and being a member. I, too would love to see the real time work being done. All artists are on a constant learning curve… you never stop learning and you are a great tutor! Keep up the great work.


  11. I’m totally flashed by this. Imagine you can hang the moment were your boyfriend proposed to you on your wall. Every woman’s dream, I say.

    Wonderful idea.

  12. Congratulations! Great drawing. It’s funny but I came up with the same idea last year when I proposed to my wife. When she went into my house she saw this huge video projected on the wall with music and everything. I gave her te ring at the last second after I proposed via my drawing. Of course she already knew what the video was all about and started crying as soon as she saw me on my knees, but still it was a great experience. Check out my link at Make sure to visit my blog at

    Thanks! 🙂

    • well done Jose,

      I especially like the idea of logging your hours mastering art on your website. That’s awesome! Such a good way to put pressure on yourself to commit by making it public. You’ve been at it for 29 months, are you still logging everything?

      • Yes Steve, I keep doing it and I will try to log on the 8,000 hours I have left. I update the hour count on each new entry of my blog. I think I will be posting my new entry next month. Make sure to subscribe 🙂 Also, I watched your DVD and I find amazing the way you deal with planes. Since I’m more of a comic book artist, I have always found a bit of a challenge to shade correctly. Also I use 3h and inks afterwards. It is a different style altogether but I love doing pencil portraits.

  13. Jim Durkin says:

    I enjoyed the fast version of the portrait but would love to study the slow version. Don’t get to see the change in pencils,the different ways of holding the pencils, variations in blending and erasing on the fast version. Any chance the 2 hour and 20 minute version could be sold as a DVD?
    Thanks for the great demo.

    • you’re right.. I’ve been pondering the idea of a paid membership section with additional content related to my free videos. That way I can continue making free videos.. Some ideas I have for the membership (let me know if you guys have other requests):

      – full length versions of the free time-lapse videos
      – monthly critiques?
      – videos with examples of concepts from free tutorials
      – exercises – ideas for practicing the material in the video
      – photos to practice from (ex: closeups of facial features, various angles of heads)

      What do you think?

  14. Jim Durkin says:

    I would be willing to pay for all of these.

  15. Daniel Gauci says:

    Hi Stan,

    For me graphite has a punch while graphite is smoother.
    Should i ask you what would you prefer for portraits, the charcoal or the graphite pencils?
    What is your preferred material?
    Your professional advise would be much appreciated.


  16. Carla says:

    Hi Stan,
    You are amazing!
    I was wondering what eraser you were using to create the highlights?

  17. Terry Carter says:

    My friend pointed the way to your site. Your art is amazing! I especially love the art you did from your country, inspired by Repin. You are a great teacher with a beautiful smile and a fun side that makes everything more interesting. Oh to be young again and into art! I have started a bit late in life, my first attempt at 68 yrs of age, but I love it so much and am taking every opportunity to pass that new love onto my granddaughters (14, 12 and 10). Meanwhile, I’m enjoying this new found love immensely. One of my biggest dilemmas is deciding which medium I like best and I also love digital art. I’m not a professional artist by any means, never will be, but I’m having a wonderful time.

    Loved the proposal!

  18. Bob Oh says:

    Amazing!! Thanks for the tutorials. It’s really helpful. I always get stuck after seperate shadow and lights and it’s get darker you know. Anyhow, excited to watch next tutorial! Thank you.

  19. Joyce Rodrigues says:

    Awesome, you must to do digital painting… will be a dream *.* rss
    I’m Brazilian,and everybody here likes your video^^
    we’re studying a lot to overcome ourselves!!!

  20. Joan says:

    Hi Stan,

    I would be very interested in a paid membership. I love the idea of critiques as well as access for full length videos.


  21. César August says:

    if it WAS great proko this video .. 😀 Greetings from Peru

  22. Jonathan Criner says:

    Two hours and twenty minutes. I just spent one hour and ten minutes doing five drawings of Skelly from the spine assignment in the Anatomy course. Sigh…

  23. Dhaval says:

    I m beginner for portrait drawing.
    Please tell me what the paper and pencil is best suited for the purpose..


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