Never Don't Meet Your Art Heroes

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Stan Prokopenko
Whoever said “Never meet your heroes” clearly never met Morgan Weistling!
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Lidia Hasenauer
Thank you for the studio tour. The prop room and costume collection were very interesting! I'm looking forward to more posts of Mr. Weistling's beautiful paintings. Glad you met your hero and introduced him to us.
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Salam Husseini
My absolutely all time Hero!!!! thank you and can't wait for part 2!!!
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Ernesto Palma
A few weeks ago I found the art of Jean Giraud Moebius. I was so hurt in finding out that he died in 2012. I spent hours, and days looking through some of his stuff. Studying the composition, the color, his use of perspective and figure drawing. Found out he inspired soooooooo many things!!!! He is essentially the grandfather of one of my favorite video game franchises, Metroid, for example. I saw an interview with him that was an hour long. I learned about his life and it made so much sense that all he went through would flourish into an amazing artist and person. There was a possibility that I could have seen the man in person, since I lived in the US years ago. The man seemed so bright and wonderful, and it pained me to learn and accept that I would never tell him in person THANK YOU for your inspiring effort and productions. That´s all I would have wanted. It moved me, and since there is nothing I can do now but to pay homage to his wonderful existence, I am still inspired to create in his honor. One of our Modern Masters is gone, but his spirit will live on for centuries, I am sure.
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João Bogo
If you liked Moebius, Look up Philippe Druillet. You're in for a treat. They were friends and kinda influenced each other. Also He's still alive. So you know... You still can dream of meeting him Best Regards.
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