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How to Study Color – Sketch Tour with Aaron Westerberg

December 15, 20172 Comments

Aaron Westerberg has a strong passion for color. An important part of his process is painting color studies from a live model. In this video, Aaron shows us some of his color studies and drops a lot of knowledge. There’s so many gems in this one!


We visited Aaron at his studio and recorded him painting a masterpiece over 3 days. We captured the way he paints when no one is looking. His true process.

Aaron Westerberg is a renowned painter, who has a special talent and appreciation for color. In his Masterpiece Demo, you’ll learn all about color through the eyes of Aaron. You’ll see how he uses color studies from life to plan for his larger paintings. Learn differences in types of paint and materials, and how he uses them in his work. As well as how he mixes paint, lays out a color pallet, and general knowledge and importance of color. Aaron’s masterpiece demonstration will give you new confidence in using color.

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  1. Oliver Wildman says:

    This is invaluable and a great insight. This info is not available in any of the books I’ve studied. Thanks Aaron and Proko! It’s marvellous to see the process like this.

  2. Wow! This has been one of my favorites videos at
    So many knowledge from Aaron’s experience. Maybe the use of color is one of the hardest parts of the process of learning how to paint. And as beginers (or not), we’re usually afraid to ask.
    Thanks Proko and Aaron! I loved it.

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