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How Artists Grow Over Time (ft. Cesar Santos)

March 8, 20183 Comments

In this episode we talk $h!t about Old Masters. Just kidding… We respectfully analyze how artists have grown throughout history. Cesar Santos and I visit the San Diego Museum of Art to talk about what artists know now that some of the Old Masters didn’t. We also sit down to do a master study drawing of a Sargent painting!

Cesar’s vlog of the museum trip
Cesar’s vlog of the museum master study
Cesar Santos Sketchbook Tour

John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent oil painting of John Alfred Parsons Millet, 1892

John Singer Sargent, John Alfred Parsons Millet, 1892

Stan and Cesar’s studies

Stan and Cesar's Sargent studies

Stan Prokopenko’s study                                                                            Cesar Santos’ study

Stan's study close-upCesar's study close up

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  1. Don Mutchler says:

    So you find that Cesar has a cool charcoal tool, yet what, no link to where we can find it? Come on! Lol.

    Great vid. Thanks.

  2. Nersai says:

    I feel like Stan’s proportions are a little bit closer.

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