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Getting Better Faster – Painting with 80/20 Rule

December 11, 20181 Comment

Many people struggle with not having enough time to draw. One way to get better faster is to maximize the efficiency of your practice sessions. You can apply the 80/20 rule to practice the most important 20% of the concepts many times instead of 100% just once. Setting a time limit with quicksketch painting forces you to eliminate the insignificant and focus on the crucial. In this vlog, I travel out to one of my favorite painting spots in San Diego to do a couple of quick painting studies.

Day 1 – Kim Jung Gi
Day 2 – Getting Better Faster
Day 3 – Sketching with Ink from Imagination
Day 4 – Quickly Draw Heads – Loomis Part 1
Day 5 – Draw ANY Head Type – Loomis Part 2
Day 6 – Intuitive Portraits – Loomis Part 3
Day 7 – Meditation for Artists
Day 8 – Improve Your Sketching Speed
Day 9 – Painting Challenge
Day 10 – The FORCE Method
Day 11 – Draw Using Reilly Rhythms
Day 12 – Speed Sculpting

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