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Fix Your Shading Mistakes – Egg Challenge Critiques

December 16, 20201 Comment

Dorian Iten is back to review all the egg drawings artists submitted for his shading challenge. After reviewing the eggs Dorian noticed that many of the artists were making a few common shading mistakes. In this critique, you’ll get to hear his feedback on those drawings, get clarification on some of the lesson content he provided in his previous video, get multiple demonstrations on how he would fix some of these common shading mistakes, and provide you with additional resources on how to continue to learn shading. For more content like this be sure to check out Dorian’s website

If you missed his lesson on shading be sure to check that out.

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Also, grab the downloadable image tools that Dorian wanted to share with you!
Shading Tool 1

Shading Tool 2

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  1. This is the foundation for all shading decisions. First, make a distinction between the light family and the shadow family (shown above). The light family consists of all areas that are touched directly by the light source. A good way to test this is to look at your subject from the direction of the light, so you can see what the light can see . The shadow family consists of everything that is hidden from the light source. This includes all shadows and reflected light areas.

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