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Figure Drawing Fundamentals – Coming Soon!

June 10, 201312 Comments

Get Premium Access to figure drawing videos

Hello! Guess what.. I’m here to announce that June 17th, I’m starting the figure drawing fundamentals series! It’s been a long wait, I’ve been working on it for 6 months now. For those of you that have been waiting, thank you for your patience. I’m excited to finally get started.

I’ll try to teach you everything I know about figure drawing. I got it all planned out. Here are the topics I’m planning on covering in the figure fundamentals series in the next, oh….. 4-6 months? Each week or two I’ll introduce a new concept that builds on to the previous. We’ll start with gesture, then move on to the bean, transform it to the robo-bean, structure and manniquinization, landmarks, proportion, balance, exaggeration, measuring, and finally finish it off with a complete figure drawing using tone. At the end of the series I hope you’ll be able to complete a figure drawing and you’ll be ready for my next series on figure anatomy.

Premium section

In this figure series I plan on putting out a lot of material and examples with each concept for those of you that want more than just a 5 minute weekly video. So, I’ve setup a premium section on where I’ll post extended versions of the free videos and additional videos of example drawings and critiques related to the lessons. For those of you that can’t afford it or just don’t like paying for things, I love all my viewers not just the paying ones. That’s why I’ll continue making free videos. So, basically each lesson will have a free video and premium videos. If you want to learn more about it, visit


Giveaways!! I’ve got a lot of giveaways to get this started..

First, I’ve opened up early registration for the premium section. If you join before June 17th you’ll have a chance to win some magnificent prizes:

  • 2 people will win free premium access
  • 1 person will win an original 18×24 figure quick sketch page

And the second way is.. If you have a blog, write about this figure drawing series I’m starting and link to Shoot me an email, tell me you where you posted. One of you super cool bloggers will get:

  • 1 blogger gets free access to the premium section

I’ll see you next week. Have those pencils ready! Don’t forget to check out

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Comments (12)

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  1. Dear Stan,
    Besides a figure and portrait artist , I’m a teacher in drawing at a fashion academy in Holland (AMFI in Amsterdam). I’m very happy with your video’s. Your approach of the subject is very similar to mine, and your explanation enables me to improve my use of the English language, as we have some international groups that we are communicating to in english.
    Thank you so much, and I’m looking forward to viewing your next video’s.

    Best regards,
    Anke Louwerse.

    • Michael Crenshaw says:

      Anke –

      You right English very well! Looks like to me your work and practice have paid off!!

      MIKE C

  2. Julie says:

    Will you be running this another session as well? I am currently enrolled in two other courses and would love to sign up for this but wouldn’t be able to give it my fullest attention. I love your courses and would hate to miss out or half-ass it.

    • Julie, you will have access to the videos after the series is done. This isn’t really a class.. You’d just be purchasing access to the videos. Not everyone would get a critique, just a few that I choose for the “critique videos” that members can watch. But, I will choose critiques that most people can learn from.

  3. Abelardo Campana says:

    I already registered …looking forward to watch all these new figure drawing videos.

  4. Hien Pham says:

    This came out at a great time for me. I’ve just finished my first semester at uni and am on a 2-month holiday. I’m taking up an introduction to drawing unit next semester, still being a bit intimidated by the idea of nude models. Hopefully the videos will at least give me an idea of what I should pay attention to when I do the class for real.

  5. Malakai says:


    How long will the premium videos be available? Will they be available after the course has ended, for reference? Do you plan on putting this course out on DVD?


    • You will have access to the videos after the series is done. Not sure about a DVD yet, I’ll have to research a manufacturer that makes multi-disk sets, since the content will be way too long to fit on a single DVD.

  6. Malakai says:


    I guess it would’ve helped if I read your description. I see that we will be able to download the videos. I just signed up for your course. This is my first instruction of any kind and I’m supper excited!


  7. giorgos kevrekidis says:

    hello! my name is george and i’ m really interested in following your drawing lessons since i’ m a fine arts school student…

  8. Paul says:

    Hi proko, i was just wondering if you were planning on covering veins and wrinkles any time soon, i realy feel that this will add some more life into my drawings

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