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Drawing the Walking Dead – Zombie Halloween Special

October 26, 201512 Comments

Since we’re in the middle of an anatomy course, I think it makes sense to do a Halloween special that’s somehow related to Anatomy. So, in this episode I’ll draw a zombie to show you how you can use the information from my Anatomy course to design your own creatures. Make sure to watch till the end for the giveaway!

Anatomy Course – Check out my lessons to polish up your anatomy skills. 

Skelly App – Download the Skelly app for your iPhone or Android to use in your own drawings.


If you want to win a framed print of this drawing, subscribe to the proko newsletter. I’ll be choosing 5 winners from my list of newsletter subscribers. If you’re already getting email updates, sit back and relax, you’re automatically entered into the giveaway. I’ll choose 5 winners on November 2nd.

How to Draw Zombies - The Walking Dead

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Comments (12)

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  1. Jacques says:

    Nicely done. Skelly made me spill my coffee.

  2. John F Willis says:

    Hi Stan. Long time no see. Life gets in the way…unless your’e a zombie. Anyway, I was wondering if the Skelly App is available for PC. Would love to download it and make good use of it.
    Have a great Halloween!
    John F Willis

  3. Manuski says:

    Hi Stan,

    Thanks for this cool tutorial, a good way to play around with anatomy indeed! And thanks A LOT for these great videos you provide, they are very helpful, you are truly a good teacher.

    I have a question though : wouldn’t it have been better if you’d put flesh on the right hip (well, remains of it^^)rather than just the muscles? It looks like something doesn’t totally work in this area. What do you think?

  4. Vivekanand Patil says:

    Dear sir,

    I am a big fan of your work and your comic timing. your all lessons are very helpful for me and other artist. i am working as an artist form 10 years but i need to improve my drawing skills, i want to learn anatomy please suggest me how can i improve

    and once again thanks for your videos.

  5. Frank Argotti says:

    Hi Stan !

    You Sir are a very good teacher. I’ve been taking figure drawing for over 50 years, with many good teachers.
    But not enough anatomy.
    But you Sir are the best. As soon as I get some money together, I’m going to get your lessons.

    from Frank

  6. Joseph says:

    It’s great seeing you show off your drawing skills. You should do more of these detailed videos! But you forgot his right foot! I know he’s a zombie, but still…

  7. Zaki says:

    Awesome tutorial, thanks!

    Btw, any chance you might teach us how to draw figures using the Spider-Man configuration?

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