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Drawing a Stylized Portrait (NO SHADING)

April 12, 20191 Comment

I’ve got a new podcast show on the way and I need to draw some cover art to promote it. In this first video I’ll be drawing my co-host (Marshall Vandruff) in a style that’s influenced by the famous artist Norman Rockwell.

Be sure to subscribe to my channel, but also look for the Draftsmen show on whatever service you use to listen to podcasts. Draftsmen will be out soon and you should listen to it whether you’re a student or pro. Marshall and I will talk about everything art. There will be laughing. There will be yelling. There might be crying. These episodes will be longer free-form discussions that will have our raw, salacious, uncensored opinions.

Listen to the Draftsmen Podcast.

Here’s my self-portrait in the same style

Marshall Vandruff stylized portrait by Stan Prokopenko

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  1. Emmanuella says:

    Wow! Beautiful…..Great work Stan. Keep it up!

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