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Draw a Skull – Halloween Special

October 31, 201311 Comments

Skelly comes by the studio for this Halloween episode to pose for a portrait. Drawing a human skull from start to finish.

Human Skull Drawing

Drawing of Human Skull

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Comments (11)

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  1. Yvonne Todd says:

    Love all your videos. You have such a good technique!

  2. Ron Kempke says:

    That’s a masterful drawing of a skull but I noticed there are minor proportional differences in the overall shape, the eye sockets and the teeth. I may be accused of being overly picky here but minor proportional variations like these often result in a missed likeness when doing portraiture. Judging accurate proportions seems to be the biggest obstacle anyone faces when doing representational drawing so, Stan, can you do a series on nailing accurate proportions?

    • Yup, there are some proportional errors here. The key to getting proportions right, I think, is spending a lot of time measuring and correcting. In this drawing I made almost no correction and moved on with my initial layin. Total time for this drawing was 50 minutes. Wasn’t too concerned of getting a ‘likeness’ of a skull. If it were a doing a commissioned portrait, I would definitely be more careful.

      Thanks for the observation and critique 🙂

  3. Kirsty says:

    Was he pleased with his portrait?

  4. Jean Sturm says:

    What great Halloween fun! I always enjoy your videos. Thanks! Jean

  5. Tim Williams says:

    Proko, you could make a dead man draw.

  6. Jacob says:

    Throughout the whole video I was amazed.. I kept thinking “What could he do to make this drawing more fantastic, epic, amazing?!” (lack of better words) I learned a bit of anatomy through on watching, which I will be practicing soon. I been holding off drawing for a while but this has inspired me to continue my journey to become a better artist. thank you.:)

  7. Hunter says:

    was wondering if this drawing is up for purchase? if so please email me back so we could finish purchase.

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