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Submit for Critiques

I will do a critique video for each topic covered in the figure drawing series. Premium members have a better chance of being chosen for the critique videos, but not guaranteed. Generally, you have about a week or so after I publish a lesson to submit your artwork on that topic. Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Post your drawings on your Facebook page, tumblr, blog, forum.. wherever you like to post your artwork.
    – In your post make sure to mention the video lesson and include a link to it.
    – Put some effort in the quality of photographing artwork – scanning works great or photographing outside
  2. Email to let me know where you posted your drawings
  3. Due to copyright issues, you must use poses from the photo sets on I can’t show other photographers’ photos in my videos.
  4. In your email, specify:
    – Filename of the image you used as reference photo.
    – Your artist name
    URL to your website if you want me to link to you


Thank you for your effort! Not all artwork will be critiqued due to volume of submissions. I apologize 🙁

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