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Creature Concept – Timelapse

March 18, 20135 Comments

High Resolution Image – Creature Concept


To win the original drawing, find me on facebook and reshare my post to this video. I’ll randomly pick a winner on March 29th.
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Winner – George Silliman


This video is a timelapse of the drawing I did in my previous video, which was a critique of a creature concept by John Willis. After I posted that video I went back and made some changes based on critiques that you guys gave me. So, thank you! Everybody could use some honest feedback. And I thought, what kind of example would I be setting if I didn’t go back and improve on it. At the end of this video you’ll see that I rework the brows and nose to make the expression more intense and angry. Look for that about 11.5 minutes into this video.

The drawing took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes, I sped it up by about 5x for this this timelapse.

You’ll notice that for this drawing I’m following pretty much the same procedure as I usually do, the one I’ve followed in all my step-by-step videos of the facial features. Basically I start with the linear layin, that’s what you see me doing right now. Then, I separate the shadow from the light with the 2 value drawing. Then, I establish the darkest areas within the shadows, followed by the halftones and highlights in the lit areas, and finally go through the whole thing one more time to cleanup and finalize the details.

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  1. Drawn says:

    Hi Stan,

    Please don’t take this the wrong way…..

    Firstly I love your art techniques and style. With concept drawing as in this example it needs to ‘read’ properly, unfortunately the original drawing didn’t and because of this I am of the opinion your rendition suffers in readability as well. You have certainly improved the lighting/texture very well, no argument there. For all “creature’ concepts I have found that three drawings (sculpting) are the minimum needed to produce a working piece. The underlying skeletal structure of the head has no meaning, while shapes compete with other shapes (namely the ‘tusks’). Also the jaw line, absence of neck, to name some faults that stand out for me. The rhythm is upset. As for expression it feel it lacks menace. That being said Stan you are a braver person than I in attempting to refine the original creature concept and endeavour to retain a likeness. My apologies to the original artist I mean you no dishonour, your drawing has much in the way of talent shining through, however it needs work.

    This has been written with the purest of motives, the words are only meant to portray an opinion you may or may not find relevant to your work (here I speak to the artist of the submitted work). However these words serve to remind us all…. “we all have an opinion and some hopefully worth considering”.

    If you would allow it, and if I have time I might have a look at the drawing and produce a rendition of it myself, and if either of you have any interest, upload it to you Stan.

    Thank you for allowing me to rave on…..delete all if you deem it necessary.

    Best Regards

    • Thank you Paul, I always appreciate some critique. By no means is my version of his concept a perfect solution. Just my thoughts on it. I welcome yours and others’ opinions about how it can be improved further. I’m here to learn like everyone else, so I would love to see your version of it.

      Thank you for your honesty and frankness 🙂

    • John F Willis says:

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for the review. I am not offended in the least and fully understand your critique as well. The cool thing about concept art, is that it’s exactly that. Concept art. I drew the Orc the way I saw him. And in that respect, he is purely imagined, so he can be however I want him, and he’d be “correct”. Part of the perks of creating your own creatures) BUT that doesn’t mean we can discard the “rules” that make art look better and more realistic/ believable. I would like to see your version as well. As far as Stan’s version, it is a more “correct” drawing than mine and everything he said in his critique of mine is 100% absolutely spot on. Stan is a Master draughtsman. The really cool thing is that ALL of our drawings are effective in what they try to accomplish. I’m an illustrator, so I try to tell a story with my work. It was very interesting to see how a super-skilled Portrait painter would handle fantasy sci-fi, wasn’t it? Email me:

  2. Jim Durkin says:

    Terrific video. The 5X speed was very helpful in letting follow closely what you were doing.

    Had no sound on my version.

    Thanks much.

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