When should I stop doing gesture drawings?
Hey. I feel like all the artists i stumble upon generally advice people to do gesture drawings all the time. But don't you get to a point where you'd be better off not doing gesture drawings and focus on other things to improve? I don't want to do gesture drawings everyday if it doesn't help me improve.
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Matthew Manghi
I’d say never stop doing gesture entirely. I still start every day with a couple quick gesture drawing to get warmed up before work. I think it helps keep you fresh and gets you warmed up and will continue to improve your art. That said, once you have a working understanding of gesture I’d suggest not spending all your time on it. Do a few a day to warm up, then move on to other study. That helps integrate it into your art routine. Art in general is a long game, but I think that’s especially true of the benefits of gesture.
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Hello I'm a beginner so I what I say should probably be taken with a grain of salt. I don't think I can give a concrete answer to this because I believe the answer will be different for everyone. I can atleast tell you the way I see it atleast which of course again, is subjective. Gesture is something I believe is typically constantly being practiced, if your drawing the human figure you are typically always doing gesture. If you've been doing nothing but gesture and you feel like you should move on to another topic you probably should. For me personally I've been following Proko's Figure Drawing course and as soon as I felt I was ready I moved on, however everything kind of builds on top of one another. You can still practice gesture while drawing the figure; which is what I've been trying to do. At the end of the day you can always go back and practice more gesture if you feel like it's a core issue, gesture is something that is always being practiced even subconsciously. I remember in a draftmen episode someone asked a similar question of "when should I move on and should I keep working on this until I've mastered the topic?" And the response was something along the lines of "When do we truly master gesture?" And I agree if we were to stay on gesture until we mastered it we would be practicing gesture for years. This was a extremely longer response then I wanted it to be originally but I had found myself asking a similar question not long ago and honestly just listening to the draftsmen podcast as a beginner has helped me change my approach with art completely. If you haven't checked them out yet I highly recommend it! It's a podcast run by Stan Prokopenko and Marshall Vandruff. They go over alot of topics regarding the arts! (And also Marshall sings) Anyways I feel like you should move on if you truly feel like your ready, hell even if your not ready try practicing something else! All the fundamentals build on top of each other and that's one of the fun parts about learning art!
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