The 6B Option
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a 6B option? I have clutch and 0.5 mechanicals in 2H, HB, 2B, and 4B and was looking to get something truly dark. I’m thinking a General’s Layout or 9xxb would work here but I’m not sure how they’d fair in my soft pencil pouch if I try to draw on the go though.
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Stan Prokopenko
In the lesson notes of Project - Get Your Tools and Start Playing I have a big list of drawing materials for my basics course. For the softer graphite, I personally really like the woodless monoliths.. Here's two links to the same think in case one isn't available.
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Holy Unexpected Response, Batman! I’ll give those a look since I’ve changed it around a bit and swapped the use of 0.5s for regular pencils. Those mechs will travel in my cramped work truck until they die.
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