Taking pictures of your traditional art
Arthur Cardoso
I have been browserling for some time, looking at a lot of digital and traditional art, and often times the photo of the traditional doesn't have good quality. Today I would like to share some simple tips to consider when taking a picture of your art to help you share your artwork with others! Note that I can't help you regarding to wich device you use to take a picture. Things to consider when taking a picture: - Are any undesired shadows in my photo of my drawing? If so how can I avoid them? - Is my drawing within frame of the photo? - Using natural light is always better than inside light, (unless you have profession equipment for taking pictures). - If the natural light is too strong be careful with a glow on the blank parts of your paper. - Diferent times of the day have diferent lights so be careful, and choose the right time. - Try as best as you can getting a focused image of your subject. Now let's say you took the perfect photo, but the drawing itself looks a bit diferent from what you see in real life. In this case you can always try and edit your image, be careful not to overedit though! Colors for example can be diferent from what you see in real life, so playing around with colours to reach the result you want is desirable. Or if you have a pencil sketch, and it's not very clear and strong in the photo, you can always crank up the contrast and the darks for more visual clarity. Hope I could help, and I wish you all happing drawing. :)
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Yiming Wu
Those are very nice tips! I don't think I have anything to add in terms of photograph, but I think you could sometimes consider scanning, as those A4 flatbed scanners are so cheap these days, you can even get a very decent one for office use that has great colour! Epson photo scanners are great in sharpness and colour (make sure you get the LED one instead of those old florescent ones), I've used two of theirs and they work wonderfully. If you do traditional art a lot, do consider invest a scanner, it will make computer touch-ups a lot easier. I'm currently using an A3 sized one from Epson as I draw bigger now, but the same idea.
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Arthur Cardoso
Hell yeah! Thanks for sharing.
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