Should I leave my Bachelor's???
Hi everyone! I want to become a 2d animator/storyboard artist in the animation industry. I'm currently in year two of an animation Bachelor's degree and i'm 19 years old. However, I haven't learnt much in my Bachelor degree and i'm finding out now next year is going to be a lot more writing and we'll just be working on a group project (I want to build my own portfolio of stuff) So i'm wondering if I should leave my Bachelor degree and not bother completing it. But at the same time, I want to keep the connections I have with my classmates, and I hear a Bachelors degree could help me get a job as an art teacher (If I need some money) and can help with travelling overseas. My question is, should I complete my last year of the animation Bachelors degree with my friends, (even though it wont help me improve in my skills and I'll have to use programs I don't want to) or should I ditch year 3 of my Bachelors and become self taught? I already have a curriculum in mind and I can use the forums for feedback to improve. I'd really appreciate some perspectives and opinions on this. Thanks!
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If I were you, since you've already completed a good amount of it, I would stick with it. You can teach yourself on the side while doing the degree or after, but once you've left it you've left it. A degree isn't the only important thing in finding a job, but it does mean something to many people and businesses and, as you mentioned, could help open different job opportunities for you. If it isn't completely fun or what you want to be doing with your work, that can still have value because you'll learn how to work with a team and how to stick with work even when it's not always enjoyable. You may find you actually like working with a group, or it may give you more appreciation for working by yourself. But I'm sure you'll do whatever's best for you and your situation. You're certainly not set to fail if you do leave your degree.
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Hey, thanks for taking your time to reply, I appreciate it. I read what you said and I thought about it a lot since you had some good points. 👍