Proko Community Book and Resource Suggestion Thread
Elvis Murray
We've heard from Marshall and Stan about many of the books that they cherish. Now, i ask you, the Proko community. What has helped you along with your artist goals the most? What are some of the resources on your shelf or in your digital bookmarks that have been super helpful to your growth? One , idon't see mentioned super often, that pertains to Figure drawing, is the book Figure Drawing: Design and Invention by Michael Hampton was very helpful for me along with Stan's course. The book leans towards Bridgeman style imo but has more clearly defined anatomy than the bridgeman stuff for identification purposes. Really helpful primer before more complicated anatomy is learned. Another favorite of mine is Freehand Figure Drawing for illustrators by David H Ross. This deals mainly with a version of the Figure mannekin. I eventually moved away from this version of the mannekin but i found it helpful to really get my head around the idea of a figure mannekin and figuring out how to best get comfortable with eventually making my own version that worked for me. To throw in a non book resource, I will suggest drawabox for anyone that yearns to learn construction drawing. I found it to be the most helpful resource other than the Scott Robertson How to Draw book in figure out how to get well on my path to drawing from imagination. Well community, what has helped you? What are some resources of troves of information that you've been dying to tell everyone about?
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Hello :), this is a very cool topic I'm eager to see what people might share. Personally what helped me a lot during my journey has been accessing non related drawing/painting resources. I started looking around because I felt overwhelmed watching only art stuffs and wanted to expand on the subjects. I discovered that much of perspective were actually common geometry/optical physics problems that tackle how our human vision work and there is a lot of things available around that. I surprisingly deepened my understanding of rhythms and textures in painting while watching a music tutorial explaining how to make a song, they use the same concepts. You can found a lot of picture making concept in cinema and a lot of videos are way more entertainingly made which is great to help you learn. I got a lot of composition/using of colors/framing/... from Cinema related videos, a very good resource is StudioBinder (YouTube). For Light/Optics/Anatomy/EverythingScience... I love Crash Course (YouTube). I guess my recommendation is that seeking resources outside drawing/painting communities can help you a lot, at least it has for me :).
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Elián Rodríguez
For someone who knows nothing about perspective I would suggest Perspective Drawing Handbook by Joseph D'Amelio, and then moving to Scott Robertson's How to Draw and How to Render.
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