i am confused about the light direction in the following image also is there dual lighting in it?
Anubhav Saini
Where is reflected light in it????
Untitled 1 @ 255% (Ellipse 1, RGB 8)   01 08 2021 13 22 15 (2)
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Vincentius Sesarius
As you've noticed, it's true that the lighting comes from two directions: 1) top left (cool light), 2) top right (warm light). As for the reflected light, I can't seem to notice any because of the nature of the environment. You see, reflected light is only noticeable when it occurs in enclosed environment, like a studio, because when the space is enclosed, you have walls or other surfaces nearby which can then reflect lights into the subject. Whereas in the photo, it looks like to me that the man is in some kind of bookstore which is basically an endlessly big and open space. It's not that the reflected light is non existent, it's actually the opposite, the reflected light is all over the place that we end up not being able to point it out. It may sound counterintuitive, but have you ever been to a photography studio and noticed that you'd have darker shadow and lighter light on any subject you put in? The reason for this is because in a small space like a studio, the light will naturally be more controlled, thus it makes the light bounce in a more predictable pattern. This predictability of the 'bouncing' lights is why we can see and point out reflected lights in the subject. On the other hand, in an open space, the light is less controlled, and it makes the light bounce in every single direction. This randomly bouncing lights will then make it hard for us to see and point out the reflected lights in the subject.
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Anubhav Saini
Thank you very much it is really helpful and cleared my doubt