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Jo Sheridan
I am a bit of a newbie to all this, but I get the impression that fan art is perhaps looked down on a bit in the art world - but I find it a real release from the Anatomy studies and shading drills. After many weeks of input, I went for a bit of fan art output - I lost count of the amount of false starts I had with this guy, but I found it incredibly hard to block him in - when I finally got something I was happy with my paper was all scruffy and worn, so I traced out my shadow shapes and transferred him onto a new piece of paper using old-fashioned carbon paper - and pressed way to hard, so when I needed to amend things later on I was fighting against my lines - hey ho - I would be interested to know what you think. @Liandro I know you are busy at the moment, but would value your feedback. Jo
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@Jo Sheridan Hey, Jo! Things have sure gotten more exciting around here, haha! I thought I had an idea of how much a newborn would demand from us parents, but, wow... you only know once you experience the real deal. Anyway, I've been slowing down on work a bit, it's true, but still trying to find a little time to show up here now and then. So let's get to it! I think your composition looks good, I really like how you managed the contrast in his hair's textures on the different sides of the portrait, as well as the values on the background. I think you achieved a great degree of likeness, and I'd even say you enhanced his facial expression (I like the expression in your drawing better than in the reference). Two things that call my attention as areas that could have adjustments made are: 1) The nose: I think its lacking a little bit of structure. I see it lacks structure in the reference too - the photo is a front view, and the lighting isn't helping show volume on the nose. So maybe you could go beyond the reference a little bit and give a slightly stronger hint of the anatomical planes. 2) The eyes: it seems to me they might have gotten a tiny bit too big. I really like how defined the edges and contrasts are though, it really helps draw our attention there. One more thing is I think you did a great job designing the shape and forms of the hair mass with all these loose strands and thin locks - definitely not an easy part! Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other thoughts! Keep it up o/
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Jo Sheridan
@Liandro Hi Liandro, thanks so much for the feedback! - It just amazes me - you do the same thing every time - the areas you spot that need work - are the areas where I have really struggled to decide what to do. I am finally starting to understand this idea of using a reference and not just copying it - and all my final edits I did without my reference to just get it looking how I wanted it. This didn't however include the nose as I was very aware that there were two light sources, one from each side, so I couldn't get my head around where any darker shadows would be... I'll have another think about that. As for the eyes, its a good job you didn't see this a few days ago as I did make them quite a bit smaller from where they originally were! Then you realise that it all effects everything else as the corners of the mouth were measured from the edges of the pupil, so as they got smaller, the mouth got bigger, and that made it look so much better! I'm really pleased you like the hair, I enjoyed doing that bit :) Have fun with your newborn - I have a lovely mental image of you striding towards the sea with your bodyboard under one arm and your baby under the other... good to get them started early!! :) Jo.