Artstation is boring because it’s all squares
Dan B
Does this annoy anyone else like it does me: the gallery/explore page is all squares, mostly the same size! I’ve been wondering why I find other sites like DeviantArt far more interesting to just browse, then it finally clicked today that the aspect ratio (aside so many images with just a black or white background) is the same for all works on the page on Artstation. For a site all about design, that seems terribly poor! Is it just me?
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Serena Marenco
Deviant'art is definitely better in this respect, compared to all the other social networks: it doesn't cut the images (like Twitter and Instagram) nor does it add pieces that totally ruin the layout and the impression (like Facebook does. Terrifying!). The point is that most social networks are not made to emphasise images but to provide a homogeneous navigation for the user. In Artstation, one might expect a less lazy construction of the home page, to avoid cutting the images.
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Yiming Wu
Yeah exactly... It's quite dumb... Flickr and DeviantArt show full aspect ratio which is more pleasant. One thing though... on web it's actually a bit hard to display the correct aspect ratio for all images and put them so they fill up the horizontal space for each row. It will need a script to specify calculated sizes for all images and when the client window changes size it's gonna need rearranging etc... It's not like there are no existing solutions but I think the devs on artstation are just too lazy to implement that :/ I think the backend of them is wordpress, that might introduce some unnecessary complications but whatever. They could do it so much better.
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Dan B
Yeah I don’t get it. Even just a little spacing between the images would help, it looks like it’s trying to be one large composition with them all jammed together.
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