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DRUGS – Draftsmen S1E20

October 15, 20190 Comments

The Breaking Bad movie just released on Netflix and because Stan is a huge fan, we’re redecorating the whole set, putting on costumes, and dedicating the episode to Drugs! We talk about our past experiences with drugs, if they can hinder or help an artist and some drug alternatives that you should look at to get those creative juices flowing. A caller asks what abstract artists should study.

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Tracing, Cheating, and Imposter Syndrome – DraftsmenS1E19

October 8, 20191 Comment

Does copying from photo reference make you a fake artist? Is tracing considered cheating? Do you even have an art license?! We share our opinions about photobashing, tracing, and drawing from photos. We also discuss the debilitating effects of imposter syndrome and how it might sometimes be a good thing. Stan’s thang brings back childhood memories 🙂

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Too Old to Start Drawing? Cosplay Fashion Design? Voicemail Marathon!!! – Draftsmen S1E18

October 1, 20190 Comments

It’s a voicemail marathon! We answer a bunch of questions from listeners of the podcast. Topics include the fear of being too old to be a professional artist, cosplay fashion design, and knowing when a painting is finished. Stan paid Karl Kopinski to do an original painting on his book cover.

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Making Money as an Artist – DraftsmenS1E17

September 24, 20190 Comments

Time to make those dolla’ dolla’ bills fly yo! Marshall and I talk about various ways artists make money such as freelancing, getting a job, and starting your own business. We also dive into our own stories about how we made money and answer a voicemail question about taking commissions. And Kim Jung Gi drew an unflattering portrait of Stan.

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Drawing on Both Sides of the Brain – Draftsmen S1E16

September 17, 20191 Comment

We respond to a listener’s email about what to think about while drawing. Marshall explains his criticisms about the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards. I also answer a caller’s question about the value of learning to critique.

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How Important is Art History? – DraftsmenS1E15

September 10, 20191 Comment

A listener sends us a letter voicing their frustration with Stan’s past comments about art history. It prompts a longer discussion about the benefits you can get from learning history. Jazza didn’t sponsor this episode, but we unbox his Jazzy Art Box.

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23 Habits for Artists – Draftsmen S1E14

September 3, 20190 Comments

This is a good one… We go through and discuss a list of 23 important art habits that every artist should consider. A tattoo artist gets advice about composition and Marshall finally roasts me. Woo!

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Building Art Communities, Picture Clarity, and Finding Art Mentors – Draftsmen S1E13

August 26, 20190 Comments

For the first time, we dedicate the entire episode to voicemail questions. We discuss building healthy art communities, how to have clarity in your illustrations, and how to find art mentors. Stan does a book review on The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin, listing some of the golden nuggets he learned from the book about reaching mastery.

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Robot Art Teachers (There Goes My Job) – Draftsmen S1E12

August 20, 20190 Comments

Technology and art collide as Stan talks about the exciting new AI tools he’s developing for students. Why should we have AI art teachers? Stan explains the strengths of human teachers and AI teachers. Marshall expresses concerns about the Terminator killing us all!

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Letter From a Frustrated Artist – Draftsmen S1E11

August 13, 20190 Comments

Stan gets an email from a frustrated student and forwards it to Marshall. Marshall gets obsessed with it spending days and days pondering the issue! This leads to discussions on mastery, overcoming frustration, and how having a negative attitude hurts your progression. A listener makes the draftsmen choose between technical prowess or art that evokes emotion.

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