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A Few of Our Favorite Books – Draftsmen S2E35

December 15, 20202 Comments

It’s the last episode of the season! Before Stan and Marshall go on break they share with you some of their favorite books that they recommend reading. Some of them are art related, business, marketing, fiction, and self help books. If you’re interested in picking up any of these check out the full list of […]

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The Art Introvert’s Guide to Networking with Kristian Nee – Draftsmen S2E34

December 8, 20200 Comments

Proko employee and artist Kristian Nee joins the podcast this week. He talks with Marshall about his secret to making friends with influential people, how his personal connections have opened up new opportunities for him and his friends, what road tripping has taught Kristian about humanity and why he asks crazy questions. On top of all the insight there’s also a few special guests that make it into the episode as well.

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From Rocket Scientist to Professional Artist (ft. Jama Jurabaev) – Draftsmen S2E33

December 1, 20200 Comments

Jama Jurabaev is one of Marshall’s former students and has overcome incredible and difficult circumstances to become the pro artist that he is today. He joins the podcast to tell his full story and hopefully inspire other artists that are working hard towards a career in the industry. Jama’s design work has influenced some of the biggest movie franchises in the past decade including Star Wars and Jurassic World.

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Making a Living with Fantasy Art (ft. April Solomon) – Draftsmen S2E32

November 24, 20200 Comments

Marshall sits down with professional fantasy artist April Solomon. The two discuss how April fell in love with drawing dragons and werewolves, the power of traditional art materials and the techniques she’s learned over the years, art festivals, what her art schedule looks like, and more.

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Portraiture Painting (ft. Joseph Todorovitch) – Draftsmen S2E31

November 17, 20200 Comments

While Stan is out on paternity leave, Marshall invites fine artist Joseph Todorovitch on the show. Joseph talks about what it’s like being a parent and a working artist during a lockdown, his portrait painting methods, and making the switch from animation to fine art in the early 90’s.

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Our First LIVE Q&A – Draftsmen S2E30

November 10, 20200 Comments

For Lightbox 2020 this year Stan and Marshall streamed their first live Q&A episode! Rather than release the full version that had awkward pauses and tech issues it’s been edited down and remastered. Now you’ll get a clean experience as they answer a variety of personal and art related questions. Some of what you’ll hear are answers to how the podcast got started, brainstorming techniques for artists, perspective vs form, bad habits for digital drawing, and the story behind our thumbnails.

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How to Get Useful Feedback and Learning to Self Critique – Draftsmen S2E29

November 3, 20200 Comments

In the 2nd part of Marshall and Stan’s critique discussion, the two talk about getting useful feedback, the importance of being specific with your critique requests and the concept of the 6 thinking hats and how you can use them for self critique.

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Developing Your Art Critique Chops – Draftsmen S2E28

October 27, 20200 Comments

Stan and Marshall return to the topic of art criticism to impart the secrets of giving and receiving the best critiques possible. They summarize why it’s good to critique people, what goals you should have when critiquing someone’s art, how to frame things positively for the person receiving the critique and more.

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The 5 Sins Artists Should Be Aware of – Draftsmen S2E27

October 20, 20201 Comment

Marshall talks to Stan about the different “corrupting” influences which can affect the purity of an art piece. Some problems affect the craft of your art, but others affect the spirit, undermining the meaning you are trying to convey in your work. These pitfalls, while hard to avoid, are something Marshall believes artists should be aware of as they pursue their careers. Learn how pandering, sentimentality, mannerism, frigidity, and didacticism can violate the spirit of art and how an artist battles between being commercially attractive to clients versus being considered a sellout and a hack.

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Bad Teachers – Draftsmen S2E26

October 13, 20200 Comments

Sometimes we’re stuck with bad teachers and when that happens, what do you do? Marshall and Stan address the frustration of one high school art student that’s facing this problem by trying to provide them with workable solutions. They also answer a few additional voicemail questions on learning how to teach art, how to increase output for commissions, and more.

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