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Can this Book Make You Famous? – Draftsmen S3E05

May 4, 20210 Comments

Stan makes a special announcement and Marshall gives an in-depth review for a book called Hit Makers. It focuses on the science behind popularity and it provides artists with some info on some of the key ingredients you’ll need to make something a “hit”. You’ll also learn how to figure out what your customers want and how to get it to them and the story behind Stan’s first viral video.

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James Gurney’s Self-Education Journey – Draftsmen S3E04

April 27, 20210 Comments

James Gurney is our podcast guest this week! He’s the creator behind Dinotopia and the author of “Color and Light” and “Imaginative Realism”. James talks with us about how he was able to succeed with his own art education and how it deviated from traditional art schools. We also take a look at popular art books that you can study from, try to imagine what the future of art education looks like, and talk about the struggles of using animals as live models.

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NFTs, Art, and the End of the World – Draftsmen S3E03

April 20, 20211 Comment

Get ready to jump into the Metaverse as Stan takes a deep dive into explaining NFTs to Marshall. Stan gives his overview of blockchain technology, why some people associate NFTs with a pyramid scheme, how others think it will revolutionize the digital art world, and what can be done to improve the space for artists and the environment.

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Scribble to Discover – Draftsmen S3E02

April 13, 20211 Comment

Scribbling in your art can be an excellent starting point, or a disastrous dead end. In today’s episode, Marshall and Stan discuss how scribbling can reveal fresh ideas, how scribbling relates to categorizing thoughts, and how their training shaped the way they draw today.

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How to Shape Your Art Career – Draftsmen S3E01

April 6, 20210 Comments

Stan and Marshall are back with a new season of the Draftsmen Podcast! This time they are looking at different career paths for artists: Employees, Freelancers, and Entrepreneurs. They discuss the pros and cons of these different career options as well as their varying levels of independence. They also discuss how to speed up the process of learning from your failures as you try and create a successful business.

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The Value of Good Music For Making Art – S3E01

April 1, 20210 Comments

We have compiled the greatest collection of “art teacher a cappella” ever recorded and it’s only available for a limited time, so act fast! So many #1 hits and so many unforgettable melodies…it’s hard to believe they are all here in one incredible collection. Pure Marshall is not sold in stores so make sure to secure your copy of Pure Marshal while supplies last.

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A Few of Our Favorite Books – Draftsmen S2E35

December 15, 20202 Comments

It’s the last episode of the season! Before Stan and Marshall go on break they share with you some of their favorite books that they recommend reading. Some of them are art related, business, marketing, fiction, and self help books. If you’re interested in picking up any of these check out the full list of […]

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The Art Introvert’s Guide to Networking with Kristian Nee – Draftsmen S2E34

December 8, 20200 Comments

Proko employee and artist Kristian Nee joins the podcast this week. He talks with Marshall about his secret to making friends with influential people, how his personal connections have opened up new opportunities for him and his friends, what road tripping has taught Kristian about humanity and why he asks crazy questions. On top of all the insight there’s also a few special guests that make it into the episode as well.

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From Rocket Scientist to Professional Artist (ft. Jama Jurabaev) – Draftsmen S2E33

December 1, 20200 Comments

Jama Jurabaev is one of Marshall’s former students and has overcome incredible and difficult circumstances to become the pro artist that he is today. He joins the podcast to tell his full story and hopefully inspire other artists that are working hard towards a career in the industry. Jama’s design work has influenced some of the biggest movie franchises in the past decade including Star Wars and Jurassic World.

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Making a Living with Fantasy Art (ft. April Solomon) – Draftsmen S2E32

November 24, 20200 Comments

Marshall sits down with professional fantasy artist April Solomon. The two discuss how April fell in love with drawing dragons and werewolves, the power of traditional art materials and the techniques she’s learned over the years, art festivals, what her art schedule looks like, and more.

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