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Season FINALE Part 2 – Draftsmen S1E29

December 17, 20190 Comments

It’s the Draftsmen Season 1 Finale Part 2! Marshall and Stan continue going through youtube comments from the past episodes of Draftsmen. It is the last of the responses to the relevant discussions that artists posted under each episode.

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Season FINALE Part 1 – Draftsmen S1E28

December 10, 20191 Comment

It’s the beginning of the end… end of season 1 that is! Before going into hibernation Marshall and Stan sit down and go through youtube comments from the past 26 episodes of Draftsmen. You’ll hear them respond to the relevant discussions that artists posted under each episode.
Season 2 will begin on April 7 and on it’s own YouTube channel… Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it when we start up again!

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AI vs Artist (or AI + Artist?) – Draftsmen S1E27

December 3, 20190 Comments

What better way to come together this holiday season than to argue about AI? Marshall plays the role of the YouTube commenters from episode 12 and Stan battles him about the implications AI could have on art, suggesting we should look at AI from an optimistic and synergistic point of view.

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How to Learn Perspective – Draftsmen S1E26

November 26, 20192 Comments

How do you study perspective? Marshall breaks down the elements of perspective and how you’d go about learning it. Stan also challenges Marshall to draw some boxes and run them through his new Box AI BETA App that’s being developed in the Proko lab.

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Having a Secret Identity as an Artist – Draftsmen S1E25

November 19, 20190 Comments

An anonymous artist wants to know if it’s possible to draw “spicy” artwork and hold a job as an illustrator for kids books at the same time. This results in a discussion on keeping secret identities and giving examples of artists who made their living doing polar opposite work. Marshall and Stan try to give advice to a frustrated faculty member about their art program and someone’s thang promotes another intriguing podcast.

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What Artists Should Know About Conventions – DraftsmenS1E24

November 12, 20190 Comments

After getting back from the very first Lightbox Convention in LA, both Draftsmen give their thoughts on the value of these conventions for artists. Includes advice on networking, etiquette, note taking, selling work, and portfolios. We elaborate on a caller’s question about drawing from imagination and why you can’t start out drawing like Kim Jung Gi.

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Advice for Artists with Kids – Draftsmen S1E23

November 4, 20193 Comments

How can you be a good parent and a successful artist? Is it even possible? We try to find answers to those questions and the ways you can incorporate art into your life while raising a child. We go through 3 voicemail questions including our opinion on painting before learning how to draw. Is Stan a mutant child of Chernobyl?

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Delegation, Staying Organized & Line Quality – Draftsmen S1E22

October 29, 20190 Comments

Marshall goes full on Walter Cronkite and does some investigative journalism, asking all about the inner workings of Proko. The system we use to prioritize tasks and stay organized, the importance of delegation – Walt Disney built an empire by being a diligent delegator. Stan describes the exercise that improved his line quality while he was a student at Watts Atelier!

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Becoming More Creative – Draftsmen S1E21

October 22, 20190 Comments

Thinking of creative ideas is actually not that hard, but executing them, bring them to fruition, and solving real problems is much harder and requires creative skill. We’ll define what it means to be creative and some ways you can stimulate and improve your own creative abilities. A listener asks how he can increase his passion for art and Stan shows off some drawings he bought from Steven Bauman.

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DRUGS – Draftsmen S1E20

October 15, 20190 Comments

The Breaking Bad movie just released on Netflix and because Stan is a huge fan, we’re redecorating the whole set, putting on costumes, and dedicating the episode to Drugs! We talk about our past experiences with drugs, if they can hinder or help an artist and some drug alternatives that you should look at to get those creative juices flowing. A caller asks what abstract artists should study.

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