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Career Advice from a Disney Animator – Aaron Blaise Interview

December 20, 20171 Comment

Aaron Blaise animated for some of the most well known Disney films. We dive into a ton of interesting topics including how Aaron Blaise got his start as an artist, his experience working for Disney and some of his upcoming projects. Want more Aaron Blaise? Check out our latest vlogs where we sketch animals at the zoo.

Zoo Sketching with Aaron Blaise.
Aaron Blaise Masterpiece Drawing Demo.
Aaron’s Zoo Vlog.
Painting Aaron Blaise as Santa.
Make sure to check out his channel.
Creature Art Teacher – Aaron’s Website


00:50 Internship and working for Disney
05:11 How did you get good so fast?
07:33 How important were mentorships?
09:53 Is there anything you would do differently in the way you trained?
13:28 So you were good at color. Did you also color [on Beauty and the Beast]?
14:55 Aaron’s upcoming animation “Snow Bear”
17:26 Recent small projects – discussing “Bear and the Hare”

18:45 Speedround (not really…)
18:58 What do you enjoy more, quick sketches or longer efforts?
20:40 Favorite animal?
21:34 What medium do you want to learn?
25:16 What question do you hope I will ask you?

26:11 What can people expect from you in the next 5 years?
26:35 Where can people find your courses?
30:15 The importance of Sketchbooks
32:03 Doing anything else in the next 5 years?


Here is a sampling of Aaron Blaise’s art.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Asim says:

    Great interview, thanks!

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