Books Recommended by Stan

Some of the links below may contain affiliate links. Without any cost to you, these online stores share a small amount of revenue with me if you buy something through one of these links. The revenue from affiliate links (of course you’re encouraged to use whatever retailer you prefer) helps support Proko and the production of more lessons.

I always recommend supplies, resources, and products I believe are the best available, always based on my own tests and research.

Successful Drawing

Andrew Loomis

Figure Drawing

Steve Huston

Figure Drawing

Michael Hampton

Vilppu Drawing Manual

Glenn Vilppu

Human Anatomy for Artists

Eliot Goldfinger

Artistic Anatomy

Dr. Paul Richer

Anatomy for the Artist

Sarah Simblet

Constructive Anatomy

George B. Bridgman

Imaginative Realism

James Gurney

Color and Light

James Gurney

Alla Prima II

Richard Schmid

The Art Spirit

Robert Henri

Drawing People

Barbara Bradley

FORCE: Animal Drawing

Mike Mattesi

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