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Biggest Artistic Style Influencers – Asking Pros

November 14, 20190 Comments

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The pros at Comic Con reveal the artists that have inspired and influenced their work. You’ll hear some familiar names, but we discovered a bunch more amazing artists that we had never heard of! This episode is filled with great art and great advice so check it out!

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Thank you to all the artists that participated:
Pascal Campion
Bobby Chiu
Sean Galloway
T.J. Geisen
Erik Gist
Sanford Greene
Brian Haberlin
Peter Han
Cutter Hays
Eliza Ivanova
Karl Kopinski
Colin Lawler
Vanessa Lemen
Sean Andrew Murray
Lucio Parrillo
Stephen Silver
William Stout
Philip Tan
Marshall Vandruff
Chrissie Zullo

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