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Artist, teacher, and web developer.

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From Graffiti to Fine Artist – Stephen Bauman Interview

August 6, 20200 Comments

Did you know Stephen Bauman used to be a graffiti artist? In this interview he talks about how he transitioned to fine art, his time studying at the prestigious Florence Academy, the differences between how Florence Academy teaches students vs a traditional university, and what he had to learn after going beyond the sight size method.

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The War of Art – Draftsmen S2E16

August 4, 20200 Comments

Drill Sergeant Stan and Major Marshall review the book “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. The book was written to help artists tackle some of the mental challenges that get in the way of creating. Using war as a metaphor, the author offers solutions to get things done by defeating ‘resistance’ – the difficult obstacles artists face. Both Marshall and Stan have caveats with Pressfield’s advice though, and like everything else, it depends on how you apply it.

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Illustrate a Space Mission 500 Years from Now! – Sinix Judges #Prokochallenge

July 30, 20200 Comments

3…2…1… LIFTOFF! It’s time to announce the winners of the July Proko Challenge! In light of the recent Space X / NASA launch, artists were challenged to illustrate what a space mission might look like 500 years from now. Sinix, fellow Art YouTuber, picked the winners based on originality, consistency of vision, well-thought-out implied story, and convincing execution in terms of design, color, lighting, dynamics, and perspective.

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How to Learn Composition – Draftsmen S2E15

July 28, 20200 Comments

Composition is technical, creative, and incredibly subjective. Marshall teaches us how to learn composition and suggests artists and resources that will help you learn more about it. Marshall talks about breaking apart master paintings to learn how to compose, focal points, contrasts, metaphors, harmonic armatures like the golden ratio, among many other things. Marshall has years of experience teaching this subject so there’s a lot to absorb and be inspired by when it comes to composition.

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How to Draw Feet

July 23, 20201 Comment

Step right up! It’s time to learn how to draw a foot! In this last body part of the anatomy course you’ll learn how to construct the foot with basic forms, learn about nails, skin wrinkles, fat pads and their effect on the surface, and tips on how to draw dynamic feet.

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How to be a Good Student – Draftsmen S2E14

July 21, 20201 Comment

Stan and Marshall teach you how to be a good student. The mindset, habits, and things you can do that will speed up your learning process and make it more enjoyable. They also discuss kind vs wicked learning, methods for taking notes and staying organized, treating your education as a job and the importance of getting real world experience as a student.

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How to be Popular – Karl Kopinski Interview

July 16, 20200 Comments

An interview with the man, the myth, the legend himself Karl Kopinski! This cheeky brit answers questions about how he became so freakin’ popular, how many sexy vampires and angels he’s drawn, what artists he admires and studies from, career mistakes, and the life of being a parent and an artist. There’s a lot to learn from Kopinski so grab a cup of tea and enjoy the wild ride.

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Going All In on Art, Breaking Rules to Create Style, How to Ask Good Questions – Draftsmen S2E12

July 7, 20200 Comments

Marshall and Stan answer questions about networking, cross training, royalties, breaking rules to create a unique art style, going all in vs having a backup, and studying multiple things at once. Also, Marshall gives advice on how to ask good questions!

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An Artist’s Productive Workspace – Stephen Bauman Studio Tour

July 2, 20200 Comments

Stephen Bauman shows you his personal art dojo. Find out how Stephen sets up his studio to draw, paint, and film content. Learn about some of the artwork that hangs on the walls and get advice on composition, lighting and more.

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How to Learn by Teaching – Draftsmen S2E11

June 30, 20200 Comments

Stan and Marshall talk about how and why years of teaching helped them learn to draw. Stan breaks down the process of how he creates educational videos and how teaching anatomy has strengthened his understanding of anatomy.

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