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Zombify the Proko Team! – Erik Gist #prokochallenge

October 30, 20200 Comments

The October Proko Challenge was to infect the Proko Team and turn them into zombies! Pro artist and instructor at Watts Erik Gist, critiques your horrific renderings of the crew. Erik based his winning choices on anatomical accuracy, design, creativity, and style.

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Developing Your Art Critique Chops – Draftsmen S2E28

October 27, 20200 Comments

Stan and Marshall return to the topic of art criticism to impart the secrets of giving and receiving the best critiques possible. They summarize why it’s good to critique people, what goals you should have when critiquing someone’s art, how to frame things positively for the person receiving the critique and more.

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Sculpt of the Living Dead – Step by Step with Andrew Joseph Keith

October 22, 20200 Comments

Learn how to construct your own zombie sculpture in this tutorial by Andrew Joseph Keith. He’ll walk you through what supplies you’ll need for your zombie, how to create the armature, constructing the basic forms and then adding the details to the finished piece.

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The 5 Sins Artists Should Be Aware of – Draftsmen S2E27

October 20, 20201 Comment

Marshall talks to Stan about the different “corrupting” influences which can affect the purity of an art piece. Some problems affect the craft of your art, but others affect the spirit, undermining the meaning you are trying to convey in your work. These pitfalls, while hard to avoid, are something Marshall believes artists should be aware of as they pursue their careers. Learn how pandering, sentimentality, mannerism, frigidity, and didacticism can violate the spirit of art and how an artist battles between being commercially attractive to clients versus being considered a sellout and a hack.

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3 Tips for Drawing Accurate Proportions – Foot Critique

October 15, 20201 Comment

It’s the last critique of the anatomy course! In this free critique, I look at a student’s foot assignment and teach you 3 tips for checking your drawing for accurate proportions. You’ll learn why you should draw plumb lines, how you can check your drawing for major angles and how to assess the size relationships of your shapes.

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Bad Teachers – Draftsmen S2E26

October 13, 20200 Comments

Sometimes we’re stuck with bad teachers and when that happens, what do you do? Marshall and Stan address the frustration of one high school art student that’s facing this problem by trying to provide them with workable solutions. They also answer a few additional voicemail questions on learning how to teach art, how to increase output for commissions, and more.

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Feet Premium Assignment examples

October 6, 20200 Comments

Last time I showed you how to draw feet. For even more foot content, the premium course has 3 narrated assignment example videos.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Artists – Draftsmen S2E25

October 6, 20200 Comments

Stan talks with Marshall about social media and how to be successful with it. Publishing quality content is key, but that’s only one of many areas that an artist needs to focus on now if they want to be noticed on a platform. Learn how to build an audience, avoid getting dinged by social media algorithms, and why it’s important not to stress about analytics and nasty comments.

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500 Figure Drawings Judged by Jeff Watts – #Prokochallenge

October 1, 20200 Comments

The results for the September Figure Proko Challenge are in! Instructor and founder of Watts Atelier of the Arts, Jeff Watts, is here to critique your drawings. Jeff went through all the entries and picked the winners based on anatomical accuracy, design, creativity, and style.

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Art and Fear – Draftsmen S2E24

September 29, 20200 Comments

Marshall and Stan have another book club episode, this time discussing “Art and Fear” by David Bayles and Ted Orland. The book explores how fear inhibits an artist’s work and the way in which an artist can confront their fears to help them create. Some of the topics covered include the difference between stopping and quitting, how you can be the best version of yourself, the way we are similar to geniuses like Mozart, and more.

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