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Announcement – Anatomy Course and Live Q&A Hangout

November 17, 20147 Comments

Hey guys, feels really good to be back. My hand is feeling better, I got married, and I have 2 quick announcements.

First, I’ve started the Anatomy Course Pre-sale. If you know you’re going to go premium with it, you can get it now at a discount. As you probably guessed, if there’s a pre-sale, the anatomy course must be starting soon.. Yes! you are right. The anatomy course will start on November 24th. So, you, can grab that presale discount before that. And if you know someone that’s interested in studying anatomy, do me a favor and tell them about it too!

The 2nd announcement is another Google Hangout Q&A this Tuesday November 18th, at 5:00pm Pacific, so that would be 8pm Eastern. It’s a time for you to ask anything. I’ll be joined by Marshall Vandruff, who will be teaching a perspective course here on Proko some time next year. And also Court Jones will be joining us. He’s doing a course on caricature next year. Both Marshall and Court are great artists and amazing teachers. So, come join us. Ask us anything. If you have a question about the anatomy course, this is the time. If you have questions about caricature, perspective, figure drawing, about your career.. Or anything related to being an artist, you can ask. Or you can just listen to other people asking question. That’s fine too..

How to join the Q&A – Go to my channel on youtube and you’ll see a video that says “live now”, just click on that. If you wanna ask a question, just comment under the video.

That’s it! Looking forward to talking to you guys and seeing you in class!


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  1. Warner says:

    Wow. This is awesome news. Congratulations on your wedding and best wishes with this new chapter in your life. Unfortunately, I’m occupied with work til 9:30p EST. Therefore, I will miss this amazing opportunity. Will the Q&A be recorded for future viewing? I learned some great tips from your free online tutorials which lead me to subscribe to all the premium content you offer to date. I’m excited to hear the site is expanding next year to offer additional content. Thanks for your time.


  2. Liandro says:

    Wow!! Can’t wait for November 24th AND for next year! 😀

  3. John Lyssikatos says:


    I missed the first 6 minutes of your broadcast so forgive me if this was already answered but, just as musicians practice scales, arpegios and other exercises, what would you suggest as core fundamental drawing/painting exercises that all artists should do?

    Thank you
    John Lyssikatos

  4. Gonzalo Sanchez says:

    Glad you are better, and congratulations.

  5. CJay says:

    Good to hear about your hand, congratz on your wedding, great news.

    I can never afford something like that, being a student with only a part-time job which already is rough sometimes.

    Well I will stick to your free stuff and dream on about the day I can effort something like that 🙁 I’m a little sad that only people who earn good money get the chance to buy your stuff, but it’s just too expensive for me. I am well aware how much effort making all this has been put into this, but I want to be heared in this matter.
    I never could spend so much money right now and at christmas, when maybe we all got a little help from our friends, the deal is over and it’s even more expensive.
    You are the first who really made me want to draw again, but I guess I’ll just have to wait until I earn more money. If my english is bad, it’s not my native language, I’m sorry.

    Even if I’m sad: Keep up your stuff, it’s amazing.


  6. Marty Richards says:

    Hi Stan,
    I am a theme artist for Weber Group Inc. Rock division. Great work on YouTube, very inspired and looking to learn more about drawing. Being on the road, enables me to have a lot of time on weekends and such.

    I see you’re in San Diego, I remodeled Sea World’s front entrance. New rock work, coral columns and touch tanks. We have Muralist that work for the company and I would love to add something like that to my resume. Thank you for such an awesome opportunity!

    In eager of further dialogue…

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