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6 Pro Artists Sketch From Imagination

September 27, 20180 Comments

During Comic Con I asked professional artists a bunch of questions (see video links below) but I also wanted to film them drawing. So, I came up with a challenge for them to sketch heroes and villains based off of art terms that my team and I came up with.

Comic-Con part 1
Comic-Con part 2
Comic-Con part 3
Comic-Con part 4

Thanks to all the artists who participated:

Ross Tran
Eliza Ivanova
Peter Han
Patrick Ballesteros
James Douglas
Hai-Na-Nu Saulque

Color Dodge by Ross Tran

Pigment Pig by Eliza Ivanova

Crosshatch by Peter Han

The Form Phantom by Patrick Ballesteros

Atelier the Hun by James Douglas

The Joker in Atmospheric Perspective by Hai-Na-Nu Saulque

If you’re interested in doing this art challenge, post your sketch to Instagram with #proko. You can come up with your own art term, or use of of these my team came up with:


• The Value Rangers
• The Smudge
• Cross Hatch
• The Edge
• Outline / Count Contour
• Antagonist
• Harmonizer
• core shadow
• highlight
• halftone
• terminator
• cast shadow
• Graphiter
• Captain Undertone
• Mrs. Layin
• Overlaps
• Focal Points
• Avant Guard
• Sir Realism
• The Still Life
• Acrylics
• Monochrome
• Decomposition
• Caricatorture
• DJ Rhythms
• Loo Miss
• The CriTiki
• Flesh Tone
• Free Lancer
• Foe Shortener
• Gesture Jester
• Vin Easel
• Darth Shader
• Line Weight
• Assthetic
• Artist Block
• Atelier the Hun
• Nicollage Cage
• The Cropper
• The Curhator
• Double Exposure
• Draftsmen
• Ex-presser
• Renaissaint
• Andy War Hell
• Pigment Pig
• Mineral Spirit
• Pain-ter
• Underlayer
• Foe Ground
• Negative Space


• The Color Wheel
• The Van Go
• Censor Ship
• Plein Airoplane
• Dra Wing
• Picture Plane

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