12 Days of Proko Celebration

What the Jingle is this thing?

Every December, to celebrate the holidays, I do something special for 12 days! This is my way of saying “thank you” to all of you who have supported me and watched my videos. Everyday starting December 7th, I’ll post a new video on this page and my channel. I’ll have some jolly artists including – Jose Vega, David Finch, Jeff Watts, Dorian Iten, Christian Bull, Esben Rasmussen, Rembert Montald, Marco Bucci, Steven Zapata, and Bobby Chiu.

It’s a celebration you don’t want to miss, so make sure to bookmark this page and check it daily. You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Day 12

50 Creature Designs That Will Melt Your Heart (Literally)

Bobby Chiu judges the art for November’s #prokochallenge! The prompt was to design a character based on “Cute but deadly”. Any medium, traditional and digital, 2D and 3D were allowed. Now you’ll get to see some of the work that was submitted and hear Bobby’s critiques!
Check out all the winners of the challenge


Day 11

Painting Skin Tones and How Light Affects Color – Marco Bucci

Marco Bucci follows up his digital painting demo by painting the planes of his head with color. You’ll learn about fleshtone values, how light and shadow can affect color, and how to apply this to your portrait painting. Want more? Check out his premium content on his website.


Day 10

Fix Your Shading Mistakes – Egg Challenge Critiques

Dorian Iten is back to review all the egg drawings artists submitted for his shading challenge. After reviewing the eggs Dorian noticed that many of the artists were making a few common shading mistakes. In this critique, you’ll get to hear his feedback on those drawings, get clarification on some of the lesson content he provided in his previous video, get multiple demonstrations on how he would fix some of these common shading mistakes, and provide you with additional resources on how to continue to learn shading. For more content like this be sure to check out Dorian’s website.
Download Dorian’s Assets in Blogpost



Day 9

Drawing and Shading Complex Forms from Imagination – Steven Zapata

Illustrator and concept designer Steven Zapata gives a demonstration on how he draws in graphite from imagination! Using a harpy from “Dante’s Inferno” as his subject, he’ll walk you through his process from the materials he uses to adding intricate and detailed textures. Throughout the demo you’ll also get to see how he establishes the initial gesture and transitions from sketching to rendering to creating unique forms.



Day 8

The Reference Sandwich – A Better Way to Use Reference Photos

Learn how to get the most from your references with the help of pro artist Christian Bull. He shows you a new way of thinking that strikes a balance between working from observation and working from memory that will improve your art. You’ll start by taking a reference, throwing it out, then creating from your imagination, and then bringing the reference back. This ‘reference sandwich’ method can be a powerful tool for improving your creativity. See how it’s applied and learn more about it in this creature design demo.



Day 7

Photoshop Painting Tips for Digital Artists – Esben Rasmussen

In part 1 you got to see Esben sketch out the concept of the character in Leyendecker’s style. In this lesson he takes Jett and refines the sketch further before completing the piece by painting it. As you watch you’ll get insights into his thought process on painting along with style tips and photoshop tricks that artists can use to replicate a more traditional look.



Day 6

Analyzing and Copying an Art Style with Esben Rasmussen

Learn one method for how to analyze and apply another artist’s style to your own work. Esben Rasmussen teaches you the thought process of how he samples the style of JC Leyendecker and then shows you how to redraw a video game character in that style. This is a 2 part series with part 1 focusing on quick sketching a pose and in part 2 he’ll show you how to finish the piece by painting in that style.



Day 5

This Jungle Book Scene is Genius – Shot by Shot Storyboard Breakdown

In this mini-lesson storyboard artist Rembert Montald shows you some hidden tips that directors and storyboarders use to help guide the eye through sequences. Whether it is with gesture lines or moving the eye effortlessly through shots and sound there are many ways to help the audience move through the story. To demonstrate this, Rembert will break down an animated sequence from the 1967 classic The Jungle Book.



Day 4

3 Epic Sketchbook Tours with Jeff Watts

Jeff Watts cracks open several of his sketchbooks to give us an inside look at his work. Each book is filled to the brim with sketches, stories, and Jeff’s advice on how he approaches sketchbooking. So come check it out with us as Jeff shows us all his academic anatomy, figure, animal life drawing, painting, and illustration sketches! If you’re interested in viewing more of Jeff’s work make sure to check out his upcoming book on Bridgman and his channel.



Day 3

How to Cross Hatch for Comics – David Finch

Pro comic artist David Finch introduces you to cross hatching! In this lesson, we’ve got some beginner tips on how to practice drawing lines for cross hatching, how cross hatching shows form and in what stage of the drawing you’d want to begin cross hatching. He’ll also do a quick demonstration of cross hatching with The Flash! If you enjoyed this lesson make sure to check out his other videos on his channel.



Day 2

The Man Who Inspired Disney – Heinrich Kley ORIGINAL Sketchbook Tour

Get an inside look at an original sketchbook penned by Heinrich Kley. If you haven’t heard of him, Heinrich Kley is a legendary draftsman and one of the major artists that inspired Walt Disney’s early animations. In this exclusive sketchbook tour, Marshall, Stuart Ng, and I flip through the pages to rediscover the work of this master. A HUGE thanks to Stuart Ng for letting us have access to this rare book!



Day 1

How Pros use 3D to Speed up Painting (And How You Can Too)

Jose Vega is a lead supervisor for Castlevania on Netflix. He’s joined us in this video to teach you about how he uses 3D to speed up making background paintings! If you want a job in the animation industry, learning these techniques will greatly speed up your process so you can knock out more paintings in less time for the project you’re working on.



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