12 Days of Proko Celebration

What the Jingle is this thing?

Every December, to celebrate the holidays and the end of a great year, I do something special for 12 days! This is my way of saying “thank you” to all of you who have supported me and watched my videos. Everyday starting December 9th, I’ll post a new video on this page and my channel. I’ll have some jolly guests – Karl Kopinski, Kim Jung Gi, Mike Mattesi (Force), Cornelia Hernes, Peter Han, and David Doodles.

It’s a celebration you don’t want to miss, so make sure to bookmark this page and check it daily. You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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In Cornelia’s Masterpiece Demo, you’ll get to watch as she creates a painting from scratch. Get it now while it’s discounted!

Day 12

Inspirational Drawing Demo by Peter Han

Peter Han continues his Lightbox Demo with a second drawing! He talks about what it takes to grow as an artist, avoiding burnout, constructing volumes, and the importance of staying positive. If you missed his first demo or his answers during the asking pros series go check that out.


Day 11

Training Yourself to Draw From Imagination – Peter Han

Peter Han is an incredible artist, instructor and the author behind the well known art book “Dynamic Bible”. He joined us at the Proko booth during this year’s Lightbox Expo to record a few demos. In part 1 he talks about training to draw from imagination while drawing a dwarf and hog. He’ll take you through the thought process behind constructing a fantasy character while explaining line work and adding shadows with ink.


Day 10

Sketching and Shading the Lower Leg – Anterolateral Assignment

Drawing one of the assignment examples from the lower leg anatomy lesson. I show the process of establishing gesture, identifying the anatomical forms, and refining and shading the drawing.
Confused? Want more? Premium students are going to learn the in-depth anatomy of the lower leg with an extra premium lesson, more examples and 3D models to help them out! Upgrade to the premium experience and unlock everything in the course.


Day 9

Season FINALE Part 2 – Draftsmen S1E29

It’s the Draftsmen Season 1 Finale Part 2! Marshall and Stan continue going through youtube comments from the past episodes of Draftsmen. It is the last of the responses to the relevant discussions that artists posted under each episode.
Season 2 will begin on April 7 and on its own YouTube channel… Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it when we start up again!



Day 8

How to Draw like Kim Jung Gi

In my last interview with Kim Jung Gi, I tried to figure out who he is, and why he’s so good. In this episode, I’m going to dive deeper. I’m going to analyze his methods, his techniques, and his process… I’m going to figure out HOW he draws. If you’re interested in drawing like Kim Jung Gi, this interview is for you.



Day 7

Drawing with the FORCE Method – Mike Mattesi

Mike Mattesi, the author behind the Force Method books, draws a few gesture examples while explaining his process.



Day 6

Animal Character Design with Davids Doodles

Davids Doodles drew some awesome demos for us at Lightbox Expo, and now they’re here for you to watch! David’s worked for Cartoon Network, Disney, Sony Pictures Animation, and a bunch more studios and he’ll be showing us how he draws animals from imagination. His designs are strong and his characters are cool, some come check out the video.



Day 5

How to Paint a Color Study for a Portrait with Cornelia Hernes

A color study lesson from an upcoming Masterpiece painting demo with Cornelia Hernes. She walks you through the process of figuring out the color harmonies in a smaller color sketch before starting the larger painting. Cornelia a renowned classical realist painter and teacher from the Florence Academy of Art.
Cornelia’s full Masterpiece Demo allows you to see a professional artist create a masterpiece from scratch. Cornelia will explain her palette, give tips for mixing color, understanding paint characteristics, types of brushes, solvents, and staining a fresh canvas. Cornelia will give a brief lesson on the Sight-Size Method, show how to properly use this classical technique, and take the painting to a realistic rendering. The demo is on presale now and available Feb 29th!



Day 4

Karl Kopinski Sketching from Imagination

Karl is back and this time he does a full sketch demo from his imagination. You’ll see him develop a vampire hunter character while he talks about his own personal struggles developing as an artist, his thought process for discovering a drawing and what his goals are for the future. This was originally an hour and a half demo that we squeezed down as much we could while keeping all the best stuff.



Day 3

The Best Art Books – Asking Pros

The final episode to Asking Pros 2019 is here! These pro artists give their recommendations for instructional art books that they find useful and talk about the reasons you should consider adding their favorites to your library. You might already be familiar with some of these titles if you’ve been listening to the Draftsmen podcast, but there’s a lot of new material you should also check out.



Day 2

Season FINALE Part 1 – Draftsmen S1E28

It’s the beginning of the end… end of season 1 that is! Before going into hibernation Marshall and I sit down and go through youtube comments from the past 26 episodes of Draftsmen. You’ll hear us respond to the relevant discussions that artists posted under each episode.
Season 2 will begin on April 7 and on its own YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it when we start up again!



Day 1

Karl Kopinski Sketchbook Tour – Filling up 5 Sketchbooks a Year

Karl Kopinski showcases some of his unpublished work from his latest sketchbooks. He described his thought process and tells stories behind the sketches.


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