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Beginners Drawing Bundle
A perfect bundle for new artists! This bundle contains the following courses: Drawing Basics, Drawing Exercises for Beginners, Drawing Fundamentals: Accuracy, Values, & Light, and Figure Drawing Fundamentals.
Comic Drawing Basics Bundle
For those who are new to drawing and want to pursue comic creation this bundle covers the fundamentals to get you started! Includes Drawing Basics,
Figure Drawing Fundamentals, Marvel’s the Art of Storytelling,
and Digital Painting Fundamentals

Ultimate Proko Bundle
A collection of fundamental fine art courses that any artist can enjoy. Includes Drawing Basics, Figure Drawing and Portrait Drawing Fundamentals, and the entire Anatomy for Artists course.
Figure Drawing Bundle
Draw the human figure accurately and with style! This bundle contains the following courses: Reilly Figure Drawing, Figure Drawing Fundamentals, How to Draw Fantasy Female Figures, and all three parts of Anatomy for Artists
Digital Painting Bundle
Start your digital painting journey with this beginner bundle! Contains the following courses: Getting Started With Digital Painting, Color Survival Guide, Digital Painting Fundamentals, and Med's Map
Portrait Drawing Bundle
This bundle is perfect for those learning portraiture! Bundle contains Portrait Drawing Fundamentals, The Art of Caricature, Realistic Portrait Drawing, and the Basics of Academic Drawing
Figure and Anatomy Bundle
Draw the human figure accurately with this bundle that contains the figure drawing fundamentals course and all three parts of anatomy.
Creature Design Bundle
Learn to create jaw dropping creatures with this bundle! Contains the following courses: Drawing Dynamic Creatures, Character Design Monsterlab, and Designing Dragons.
Drawing Comic Book Heroes and Monsters Bundle
This bundle emphasizes the creation of character creation for comic artists. Includes Marvel’s the Art of Storytelling,
Figure Drawing Fundamentals,
Anatomy for Artists and
Character Design Monster Lab

Traditional Sculpting Bundle
Perfect for the artist looking to get into sculpting! Bundle contains: Figure Sculpting Fundamentals, Portrait Sculpting, Quick Sculpting for Beginners and Portrait Sculpting from Life
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Stan Prokopenko
Stan Prokopenko
Founder of Proko, artist and teacher of drawing, painting, and anatomy. I try to make my lessons fun and ultra packed with information.
Andrew Joseph Keith
Andrew Joseph Keith
Proko sculpting instructor. Sculpting takes drawing to a whole new dimension.
Ahmed Aldoori
Ahmed Aldoori
Art is the conveyance of fundamental human truth, regardless of barriers attempting to conceal it.
Marshall Vandruff
Marshall Vandruff
I Write, I Draw, I Teach
Marco Bucci
Marco Bucci
Marco Bucci began serious study of art when he was 19. He began with drawing fundamentals for 3 years before discovering a love for painting.
Court Jones
Court Jones
Freelance commercial illustrator and caricature entertainer. He’s done a lot of editorial and product illustration and concept work for film and TV.
We're a hub for artists to improve their skills and connect with a community of like minded peers and talented mentors.
Stephen Bauman
Stephen Bauman
Artist and teacher
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