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Learn how to draw portraits

Portrait Drawing Course

In this course you’ll learn an effective approach to drawing the portrait from any angle and how to draw the facial features – eyes, nose, lips, ears and hair.

Learn how to draw human figures

Figure Drawing Course

This course covers a variety of fundamental concepts, from gesture to shading, to get you comfortable with drawing the human form. It’s a great course to start with!

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Anatomy for Artists Course

If you want to take your drawings from looking good to looking like masterpieces, this advanced course on anatomy is for you! Learn the intricate details of the human body.

Learn How to Draw Caricatures

Art of Caricature

Learn the core concepts of caricature – exaggeration and abstraction. You’ll also learn exercises to build your caricature muscles and improve your visual memory.

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Browse through a selection of over 100 free drawing lessons. The library is growing all the time with new lessons on how to draw, so check back frequently.

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