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Torso Drawing Part 2 – The Layin

February 16, 20160 Comments
How to Draw the Layin - Torso
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Anatomical Forms

We know that the pec has 3 distinct portions based on where they originate on the chest. The first is the clavicular portion, which in this case, because of how high the arms are raised, is hidden behind the sternal portion. And finally there’s the abdominal portion. All 3 start at the chest and swing over and around the biceps to attach to the humerus.

On the other side, again the… continue this lesson.

Shadow Mapping

What I’ve done with the arm so far, is follow that line where the light meets the shadow. At the bony area at the elbow, the edge is sharper. Bones tend to have more sudden plane changes whereas muscles tend to be rounder. So if we follow… continue this lesson.

In the next lesson we’ll continue the drawing and start shading the forms. Get the premium course for full access to the Anatomy Lessons.

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