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How to Draw a Fist – Hand Drawing Example

April 21, 20170 Comments

In this video I demonstrate how to draw a hand in a fist. This is an example for the lesson on Hand Muscles.

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How to Draw Hands – Muscle Anatomy of the Hand

April 14, 20171 Comment

There’s three large muscle groups in the hand that every artist should know. Knowing the anatomy of the hand will make it much easier to draw hands from any angle and any pose.

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Drawing Hands with Steve Huston

April 7, 20172 Comments

Steve Huston shows us how he draws dynamic and expressive hands.

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Drawing Hands in Perspective – Hand Bone Critiques

November 17, 20160 Comments

In this video I’m going to focus on perspective when drawing the forms of the hand bones. I’ll show you how simplifying the phalanges into boxes gives us an easier way to construct the hands. Let’s get started!

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How to Draw Hands – Bone Assignment Example

October 6, 20165 Comments

This drawing demonstration shows how to draw the carpals , metacarpals, and phalanges.

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Drawing Hands with Dynamic Poses

How to Draw Dynamic Hand Bones

September 30, 20160 Comments

In this premium episode I show you how to draw dynamic hand bones. Hands are mostly bone. There’s some muscles, skin, and nails, but the bones are the structure of the hand and if you can draw dynamic hand bones, you’re 90% there.

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How to Draw Hand Bones – Anatomy for Artists

September 29, 201615 Comments

This handy-dandy art anatomy lesson explains the carpals, metacarpals, and phalanx bones of the hand. Get started now and learn how to draw the hands!

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