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How to Learn Anatomy – Draftsmen S1E10

August 5, 20190 Comments

The most common mistakes students make when studying anatomy and practical advice on how to study it correctly. An in-depth discussion on our favorite anatomy books for artists. Stories about surreal experiences visiting the Body Worlds exhibit. And the premiere of Marshall’s highly requested hit single, Anatomical Skull song!

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Learning Gesture with Tim Gula – Part 3

August 2, 20190 Comments

Learn how to draw Reilly method style gesture with Tim Gula! You’ll see several longer examples of him drawing from a live model while he explains his process step by step. Make sure to check out Tim’s other life drawing videos if you haven’t seen them yet!

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Portfolio Advice for Artists – Draftsmen S1E09

July 30, 20190 Comments

Advice on how you can put together your portfolio to increase your chances of being hired. How networking, personal behavior, and social media habits impact your career. A caller from India wants to know our dieting habits which leads to conversations about intermittent fasting and caffeine addiction… yay!

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Aaron Blaise Studio Tour

July 25, 20190 Comments

After Aaron Blaise finished his lion masterpiece demo he gave me a personal tour of his art studio! In this vlog you’ll get to see some more of Aaron’s work, his impressive collection of animal skulls, and the setup that he uses for all his digital drawings.

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Unsupportive Parents and Toxic Environments – Draftsmen S1E08

July 23, 20191 Comment

In this episode of the Draftsmen podcast Stan and Marshall talk about the toxic environments. How an artists family and/or school can create situations that hold an artist back and figuring out solutions on how to overcome them. A caller asks about creating an attractive portfolio for Disney and Stan actually forgot about this week’s “thang”.

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Pros and Cons of Studying Multiple Disciplines – Draftsmen S1E07

July 15, 20191 Comment

Marshall and Stan discuss the pros and cons of studying multiple disciplines and their effect on learning art. A caller wants to know if the overhand grip can be applied to drawing with a digital stylus. Both Draftsmen have “thangs” that help them stay physically fit and active.

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How to Draw the Calf

July 12, 20190 Comments

Today we’re learning to draw calves! Calf muscles. So, the calf has two muscles, but only one insertion tendon. Probably the most famous tendon of all tendons: the Achilles tendon. That’s all this. The Achilles tendon attaches gastrocnemius and soleus to the block of the heel. When the calf contracts, the Achilles tendon pulls up on the heel to straighten the ankle. So soleus and gastrocnemius point your toes… which means the strongest calves belong to the ballerinas. Maybe? I dunno…

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How to Use YOUR Pencil for Dynamic Life Drawing – Tim Gula Part 2

July 11, 20190 Comments

Tim Gula shows you how he sharpens his charcoal pencil and shows you how he uses it with some more figure quicksketch drawings from a live model. He also tells an inspiring story about his time learning under the master artist, Fred Fixler. This is part 2 of 3 life drawing videos with Tim Gula sketching the figure.

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Finding Time to Draw – Draftsmen S1E06

July 9, 20191 Comment

This episode starts with a bang! Marshall adds onto last week’s episode about choosing *older* art parents. Stan talks about hyper-analyzing our schedule to identify blocks of time that we want to use differently. It’s amazing how much time can be created by using our time more efficiently. We can draw more every day if we know how to make time for it. Marshall discusses external structures and deadlines to force us to finish things and identifying the non-negotiables in our schedules. How do we balance personal life and work?

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Adopting Art Parents to Develop Your Style – Draftsmen S1E05

July 1, 20190 Comments

Stan and Marshall talk about adopting good “art parents” – the artists that inspire you and who will influence your style and technique. A caller asks how to establish a daily drawing routine that he can stick with. Marshall likes to Netflix and Chill with a good Coen Brothers film.

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