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Drawing a Lion – Animal Portraits with Aaron Blaise

April 25, 20190 Comments

Aaron Blaise is a former Disney animator and professional artist who’s a true master when it comes to drawing and painting animals. In this Masterpiece Demo you’ll get the opportunity to shadow him in his own studio and watch him draw a masterpiece from scratch.

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Drawing Hamstrings Like a Pro

Drawing Hamstrings Like a Pro

April 23, 20190 Comments

Do your back leg muscles fall flat like a ham sandwich? In this follow-up to the Hamstring form lesson, we’ll explore an in depth observation of the anatomy of the Hamstring muscles, so you can draw them like a pro!

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How to Draw a Self Portrait (SEXY BOI STYLE)

April 19, 20193 Comments

Here’s Part 2 of my podcast cover art video! In this one I draw my self portrait in the same style I drew my co-host, Marshall Vandruff. Most of it covers the technical aspects of drawing a linear portrait, cross hatching, and what I choose to exaggerate about myself.

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Drawing a Stylized Portrait (NO SHADING)

April 12, 20190 Comments

I’ve got a new podcast show on the way and I need to draw some cover art to promote it. In this first video I’ll be drawing my co-host (Marshall Vandruff) in a style that’s influenced by the famous artist Norman Rockwell.

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How to Sculpt a Dragon (Game of Thrones)

April 4, 20191 Comment

The Dragon is back! In this video, sculptor Andrew Keith shows us step by step how he sculpts a game of thrones dragon from start to finish. His process includes the supplies he uses, tips on filling an armature, and advice on texturing clay.

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Will This New Pencil Make You a Better Artist?

April 1, 20190 Comments

Kim Jung Gi and several other artists have been recommending this pencil to me. I finally tried it. But will it make you a better artist?

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How to Make Digital Paintings Look Traditional

March 28, 20190 Comments

Take your digital painting skills to a new level! Learn about the tricks and techniques to make digital look traditional.

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Sculpting a Dragon from Game of Thrones

March 21, 20191 Comment

Game of Thrones has its last season coming out soon and I wanted to celebrate it with a tribute to the show. So, I flew in a sculptor (Andrew Keith) to do a demo of one of the dragons.

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Proko Anatomy Livestream – Drawing the Hamstrings

March 13, 20192 Comments

In this livestream I demonstrate how to find the hamstrings on a reference photo and I answer some anatomy related questions from the live chat.

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8 Minutes to Better Leg Drawings – Hamstring Muscles

March 7, 20190 Comments

The muscles on the back of the upper leg are the hamstrings! And ya, they do kinda look like hams with strings… Or pistons, or cables, eggs, chopsticks, ice tongs, or fangs! There’s so many metaphors you’ll just have to watch the lesson to get it. I’ll teach you about hamstring anatomy and more importantly how to draw them.

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