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An Artist’s Productive Workspace – Stephen Bauman Studio Tour

July 2, 20200 Comments

Stephen Bauman shows you his personal art dojo. Find out how Stephen sets up his studio to draw, paint, and film content. Learn about some of the artwork that hangs on the walls and get advice on composition, lighting and more.

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How to Learn by Teaching – Draftsmen S2E11

June 30, 20200 Comments

Stan and Marshall talk about how and why years of teaching helped them learn to draw. Stan breaks down the process of how he creates educational videos and how teaching anatomy has strengthened his understanding of anatomy.

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Artists TRANSFORM Objects into Creatures with James Gurney! (#Prokochallenge)

June 25, 20200 Comments

It’s time to announce the winners of the May Prokochallenge! Artists had to transform common objects into creatures. James Gurney, creator of Dinotopia, picks the winners based on originality, consistency of vision, well-thought-out implied story, and convincing execution in terms of design, color, lighting, dynamics, and perspective.

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Life Drawing, Carpal Tunnel, and Social Life – Draftsmen S2E10

June 23, 20200 Comments

Marshall and Stan devote an episode to answering voicemail questions! They answer hot topics like whether or not it makes sense for an artist to finish a drawing that has mistakes in it, can you make it as an artist without sacrificing your social life, and is ballpoint pen a viable tool.

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Practical Art Advice from an Oil Painter – Cornelia Hernes Interview

June 19, 20200 Comments

Cornelia Hernes let me pick her brain after filming her Masterpiece Demo. I ask about her opinion on the importance of studying realism, staying inspired and finding inspiration, and her influences.

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If You’re Going to Art School Listen to This – Draftsmen S2E09

June 16, 20200 Comments

After wrapping up the DIY art school series, we cap things off with an episode entirely devoted to getting the most value if you decide to attend a traditional art school. Marshall and I cover how to choose an art school that’s worth your time and money, how big of a workload you should take on, the mentality you should have when attending class, personal life stories and insights from our time attending art schools, and what you can expect after graduating (post grad depression/debt-pression).

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Sketching in the Wild with Aaron Blaise

June 11, 20200 Comments

Aaron Blaise took me on a drawing adventure to sketch animals in the Florida marshes. After walking in circles we were able to spot the ever elusive alligators hiding in the water. I had a blast learning about the wildlife and hanging out with his crew.

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DIY Art School Part 5 (Workspace and Equipment) – Draftsmen S2E08

June 9, 20200 Comments

Recreating art school from home ends with a discussion about how much equipment an art student needs and the importance of a productive workspace. Stan and Marshall talk about starting digital painting with $65, how a little discomfort can be beneficial, how limitations can improve or hurt creativity, and separating work from home.

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DIY Art School Part 4 (Community) – Draftsmen S2E07

May 26, 20200 Comments

A good community makes learning enjoyable and can have a huge impact on your development, but how do you create one? Draftsmen continues its recreating art school series by teaching you the elements that make a community beneficial to learning. That includes how to overcome the problem of not being in the physical proximity of a community, the attitude you should adopt when participating in one and stories of individuals who have crafted and benefited from them.

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Painting with Strong Composition – Studio Tour with Cornelia Hernes

May 21, 20200 Comments

Cornelia Hernes is an amazing painter and when I was in New York filming her Masterpiece Demo she gave me a tour of her art studio. She gives an in-depth tour of her work while talking about composition, color, materials, and symbology and meaning in paintings.

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