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Leg Quicksketch – Inner Leg Anatomy

September 20, 20180 Comments

Come sit down and join me as I draw a quicksketch example of the inner leg muscles! You’ll see me draw from reference as I discuss and dissect the anatomy.

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Holy Crap! I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This…

September 13, 201814 Comments

New announcement on my youtube channel…

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Adductors - Anatomy and Motion

Adductors – Anatomy and Motion

September 10, 20180 Comments

Now that we’ve learned the surface forms of the inner leg muscles, it’s time to delve deep and look at each individual muscle’s anatomy.

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Top 5 Drawing Mistakes

September 7, 20180 Comments

Here’s the top 5 drawing mistakes and how to fix them! After you watch it, let me know which mistakes you’re currently struggling with in the comments.

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Daily Routine of Successful Artists – Asking Pros

August 30, 20180 Comments

What’s a professional artist’s daily routine look like? And what should students be doing to improve their skills faster? We’re back at San Diego Comic Con getting advice from a bunch of the top pros in the industry. You’d be surprised what it’s like being a full time artist. It’s not always about drawing and painting all day :p

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How to Draw Legs – The Adductors

August 23, 20183 Comments

It’s time to learn about the inner leg muscles! Up to this point in this course and the figure drawing course, we’ve been drawing legs as simple cylinders. And that’s fine for starting our drawings. But in this lesson, you’ll be learning about how to draw the actual forms of the leg starting with the adductors and sartorius.

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Best Drawing Exercises – Asking Pros

August 16, 20180 Comments

In the third installment of my Asking Pros series, I ask 17 professional artists about the best drawing exercises. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your art, try some of these drawing exercises.

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Drawing Advice for Students – Asking Pros

August 9, 20181 Comment

Part 2 of Interviewing pros at Comic-Con! They talk about the biggest drawing mistakes they see from their art students. Spoiler alert: you’re gonna hear about anatomy a lot.

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How to Draw Butts From Extreme Angles

How to Draw Butts From Extreme Angles

August 3, 20180 Comments

We’ve saved the best butts for last: Get ready to draw butts from EXTREME ANGLES! Butt that’s not all. Want to learn how to draw a seated butt? Well, sit your butt down and watch this video!

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What Holds Back Beginner Artists – Asking Pros

August 2, 20185 Comments

This year I decided to do something useful at Comic-Con. With so many pros crammed in one room, it was the perfect opportunity to do rapid fire interviews. In the first of this series I ask them what held them back when they were starting out. I’m sure everyone can related and learn from them.

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