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First Art Vlog in Quarantine

April 1, 20202 Comments

Dear Diary, it’s been 15 days since I’ve been isolated from the rest of society. My toilet paper reserves are running low and I’ve started eating my son’s crayons. I’m not sure why… Most of the crayons have tasted bad, but I have found blue to be my favorite flavor. Skelly also paid me a visit the other day and we had a wild game of Jenga. Also, I hate him. Will keep you updated as things drag on.

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Two Art Nerds Talk About Anatomy – Stephen Bauman Sketch Tour Part 1

March 26, 20200 Comments

When I visited Stephen Bauman’s studio, he pulled out a pile of drawings and gave me a little tour of his work. In Part 1 of his Sketch Tour, Stephen and I nerd out about drawing anatomy. Enjoy!

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Improving Line Quality and Rhythm – FORCE Series Part 1

March 19, 20200 Comments

This is part 1 of 3 of figure artist Mike Mattesi’s FORCE series. Mike teaches you the basics of FORCE and how to create more rhythm and fluidity in your drawings with beautiful line. Don’t miss the other 2 parts coming soon!

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Drawing Girls and Teaching Art for a Living – Miss Jisu Interview

March 12, 20200 Comments

This is an inspirational interview with Miss Jisu about her art journey, her drawing style, what it’s like to have Kim Jung Gi as your mentor, and favorite subjects to draw. If you haven’t seen Miss Jisu’s demos or sketchbook tour check out the links to both of them

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Reacting to YOUR Monster Art on Instagram (#Prokochallenge)

March 6, 20201 Comment

Scott Flanders judges the winners for this month’s Proko Challenge! The rules were to draw or paint a monster that is designed to compete in the Ultimate Monster Fighting Championship! It had to include organic (animal anatomy) and hard surface (tech) design elements. The winners get prizes from Scott, Wacom and Proko.

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Brush Pen Techniques + Sketchbook Tour with Miss Jisu

February 27, 20200 Comments

Miss Jisu is back! In this video she shows us her sketchbook of stylized cute girl sketches. In the second half of the video she demos a two-tone color sketch and shares some techniques for using brush pens.

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Head Quicksketch with Brush Pens – Miss Jisu Demo

February 21, 20200 Comments

Miss Jisu and the SuperAni crew visited the Proko studio, to record some demos and sketchbook tours! In this video, Miss Jisu sketches a couple portraits using brush pens. You’ll get to watch her manipulate ink while explaining her thought process.

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How to Study Anatomy Correctly – Construct the Body

January 30, 20200 Comments

In this critique, I go through several student examples and talk about the importance of constructing the forms instead of copying from the photo. I’ll show you how to analyze the simple forms, understand the layers of structure, apply the hierarchy of primary, secondary, and tertiary forms and how to show 3 dimensionalities linearly and tonally.

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Kim Jung Gi Sketchbook Tour 2 – You Know You’re Going to Watch it

January 23, 20200 Comments

More Kim Jung Gi! I got behind the scenes access to film a sketchbook tour during a workshop in LA! He took out his latest 2 sketchbooks from his backpack to show us what he’s been working on while telling stories behind the drawings. This video is infused with some of Kim’s “naughty energy” so keep that in mind if you have sensitive eyeballs.

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Shading and Design Tips for Figure Drawing – Calf Critiques

January 9, 20202 Comments

I give my thoughts on a couple calf assignment drawings submitted to the Anatomy for Artists course. I’ll give you two tricks for shading and one for shape design of muscles vs tendons. The first is a way to simplify shading. An easy template to use as a starting point. My second tip has to do with looking at the shading subtleties that a couple pro artists use and incorporating that within your work.

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