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Art and Fear – Draftsmen S2E24

September 29, 20200 Comments

Marshall and Stan have another book club episode, this time discussing “Art and Fear” by David Bayles and Ted Orland. The book explores how fear inhibits an artist’s work and the way in which an artist can confront their fears to help them create. Some of the topics covered include the difference between stopping and quitting, how you can be the best version of yourself, the way we are similar to geniuses like Mozart, and more.

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Constructing and Shading the Foot – Anatomy Assignment

September 25, 20200 Comments

I take you through the entire process of drawing an anatomically correct foot. I start with a study of the simple forms which help me gauge the perspective of the foot. Then I establish the gesture, find the anatomical forms, refine and shade the drawing.

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Exploring Diversity in Art with Jennifer Wang – Draftsmen S2E23

September 22, 20203 Comments

Guest artist Jennifer Wang joins the podcast to discuss gender, race and sexuality in art. Marshall and Stan ask for her opinion on a previous caller’s question about the sexualization of women in art. The broad topic opens up other cultural conversations as Jennifer talks about the challenges of getting representation in media, cultural appropriation and more.

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Mind-Blowing Realistic Shading Tricks

September 17, 20201 Comment

Dorian Iten is a great artist and a master of shading light and form! In this video, he’ll reveal errors artists make when learning how to shade. You’ll learn important shading concepts like the angle of incidence, lambert’s law, the issues with a linear value scale, and the difference between clean lights and dirty lights. At the end he’ll tie all of these concepts together with a brief shading demo and a drawing challenge. Enjoy!

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Reinventing Yourself – Draftsmen S2E22

September 15, 20200 Comments

Reinvention is a part of growing up and plays an important role in developing as an artist. Marshall and Stan talk about the changes that they’ve had to make in their lives, a soldier and artist provides insights into reinvention, and both Draftsmen talk about the reasons why reinvention is important and how you might do it in a positive way.

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Q&A with Kim Jung Gi – Lightbox Expo

September 14, 20200 Comments

Kim Jung Gi is a South Korean artist known for his large brush pen drawings that come from his imagination. His ability to render extremely complicated scenes from memory, without the aid of references, has garnered him a large international following. He’s been commissioned by major brands including Audi and Blizzard and now you’ll hear him answer your questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a living master.

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The Art Knight Rises (ft. Knight Zhang) – Draftsmen S2E21

September 8, 20201 Comment

Marshall invites a former student onto the podcast who became a pro artist at 21! Knight talks about her experience learning anatomy and fundamentals as a kid, her journey to becoming a freelance and pro artist, how her parents encouraged her art, and what she wants for the future.

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Can You Separate the Art from the Artist? – Draftsmen S2E20

September 1, 20201 Comment

Stan and Marshall respond to an artist’s tweet who asks if it’s possible to learn from artists who have talent, but are terrible people. Can you separate the art from the artist?

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Reacting to Your SELF PORTRAITS! – Stephen Bauman #Prokochallenge

August 27, 20200 Comments

The results are in for the August Self-Portrait Proko Challenge. Artists were given the freedom to stylize it or be as realistic as they wanted. Stephen Bauman is a professional portrait artist and is the guest judge for this month. He goes through the submissions and provides feedback and also picks the top 3 winners.

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Taking Risks to Get Your Dream Job (ft. Marvel Artist Anthony Francisco) – Draftsmen S2E19

August 25, 20200 Comments

Senior Visual Development Artist Anthony Francisco joins us to talk about creature design and how he went from a minimum wage job to his dream career as an artist! Anthony has worked on some of the biggest movies in the Marvel movie universe. He designed Baby Groot, costumes for Black Panther and many more. You’ll hear how Anthony’s fake portfolio and his sketchbook landed him his first few jobs, how his life in the Philippines influenced the direction of his art, and the advice he’d give to artists who want to pursue the kind of career he’s had as a concept designer for blockbuster films.

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