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Sketching People with Stephen Silver

September 19, 20164 Comments

Stephen Silver gives his insight on drawing people and creative character design. He’s currently raising money for his new book. Support his new kickstarter project.

I had an incredible opportunity to sit down with Stephen Silver for my latest vlog. He’s worked for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney, and pretty much every other major studio. His work includes Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, and the Fairly Odd Parents. If you’re interested in learning about character design and cartoons, don’t miss this one.

Want more? You can also head over to Stephen’s YouTube channel for more content!

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  1. Caverage says:

    This video was Hilarious ! I really appreciated the Turtle lady with the rats nest !

  2. Developing a quick memory like Stephen, is a tremendous asset to drawing and painting. What a talent for grabbing onto the essence of a personality!

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