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Serratus Posterior Inferior

May 12, 20163 Comments
Lower Back Drawing Premium Lesson
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Serratus Posterior Inferior

The serratus posterior inferior is a deep muscle on the lower back that becomes visible when lean models take a relaxed pose. It can be a little tricky to see. It lies above the erector spinae, but under the… continue this lesson

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  1. Richard Harvey says:

    Dear Prokobiotics,

    I signed up for the figure drawing premium yesterday and tried to use a 10% first time discount coupon which was not accepted and then tried a 15% coupon for orders over $70 and that was not accepted.

    The coupons said that they were good till May 18th?

    Regards,Richard Harvey .

    • Hey Richard,

      Not sure where you got your codes from, but I don’t have coupons circulating that are offering those discounts.

      • Richard Harvey says:

        Thanks for your quick response Stan (assuming Stan is reading this).

        I am looking forward to your very wonderful videos. I already see results in the little that I have done so far.

        You have a great temperament for this sort of thing-great work!



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