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Robo Bean vs Anato Bean – Obliques Assignment Example

January 27, 20162 Comments

In the last lesson we learned the anatomy and motion of the obliques. If you haven’t seen that video yet, make sure to watch it now. This drawing demo shows how to construct the torso using simple forms and then add the obliques on top. Use the demo to check your own work.

Obliques Assignment Examples

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Premium Obliques Assignment Example

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  1. Hey Proko! Thanks for being such a generous and inspiring educator. As a self-taught illustrator, I’ve been loving your tutorials and learning a ton about anatomy. I also really dig the jazz selections you’ve always been throwing in the background. Got any listening suggestions and go-to’s for us?? Who was that in your Anato-bean demo?? I’m very familiar with the classics, but these all sound more contemporary. Thanks, dude – Tell Skelly “Hi” and keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Jacques says:

    At first I thought this video was not included in Premium, since I didn’t recall the absolutely wicked music selection above. I now realize this is an amalgam of our Premium example videos with the tempo sped up, and music selection to match. Brilliant. As always, you rock.

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