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Robo Bean Examples – Step by Step

September 9, 20138 Comments

Last week I showed how to find the structure of the torso using the Robo Bean. In this video I’ll show you 5 examples of applying the Robo Bean to various poses.

32 Robo Bean Examples and Full Access to Figure Drawing Videos –

Poses for Artists to practice drawing the figure


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  1. tom banks says:

    Excellent Stan, really appreciate it.

  2. John Willis says:

    “Robo Bean” is an excellent way to help visualize form without distracting details, which are added to robo bean later ion the drawing. This is genius. Your idea? I saw Loomis’ stick figure with a “Cape” to indicate upper boddy mass, but Robo Bean is somehow “better” to break down dynamic, complex figure poses in an easier form. Very helpful, ‘ol bean…
    John F Willis

    • The general concepts are definitely not my idea. They have been taught by many many artists for a long time. Only things I can take credit for are some of the details which are just details of the way I use the concepts and the name “Robo Bean” is my creation πŸ™‚

  3. sofia carvalho says:

    the Robo Bean is excellent indeed! It always surprises me how easy you make it look and how intuitively the drawing just works! Thank you again! itΒ΄s a privilege to be able to asses your teachings! πŸ™‚

  4. time says:

    if i want to draw cartoon should i practice gesture or robo been?

  5. Gaufensen123 says:

    Is it ok to first draw the bean and then construct robo-bean by using the bean as a guide?

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