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Quicksketch Examples – 2 Minute Poses

July 1, 20137 Comments

Two examples of last week’s lesson on gesture. 2 minute gesture quicksketch demonstrations.

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  1. Jason Lewis says:


    For your line of action, do you differ on what you use or are you generally using the “white line”/centerline of the figure? As a followup, do you generally go from bottom of skull to pubic bone or is that really just an arbitrary line?

    • Jason, the line of action is actually something I just imagine now. Then I design everything from that. The centerline is what I actually draw. For that I use the centerline of the torso that I’m seeing on the model – fit of neck to bottom of sternum, belly button, pubic bone. In the back its just the spine. That is observable on the surface, but the action line isn’t. The action line is the main motion through the whole pose. Not necessarily the same as centerline, though sometimes they are the same.

  2. Ryszard says:

    Stan, I bought and saw your “Portrait Drawing – Fundamentals”! It’s a great DVD!!!
    I would like to ask you – when, what size and what kind of skull model for artist should I buy!!!
    Thank you!
    Ryszard Druch

  3. Peter says:

    Hi Stan,

    Just wanted to say thanks for putting this whole website and drawing course together. I’ve ordered one of Loomis’ books now they’ve been republished, but I went through Art college and countless life drawing sessions, and nobody taught me about gestural drawing, which is a fantastic way of getting the pose and proportions right. At art school I got to an ok level at drawing figures, but this would have made life so much easier and I would have got a lot further.

  4. Hi, i want to know how i will upload my work and how i will get feedback for my work.
    thank you

  5. Divine-Truth says:

    Hey Stan, I can’t seem to calm down enough t see the lines I’m meant to follow..I’m trying to be fluid but I keep making mistakes with the line angles and I just feel like there’s still so much I’m unable to see. Any advice?

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