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Mannequinization – Drawing Example 2

October 8, 201315 Comments

Second example of mannequinization. Drawing the human figure with a focus on structure.

The Premium section has 20 examples of drawing the structure of the body and MUCH more.

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  1. Malone A. Samuels says:

    Thanks so much for the Glenn Vilppu interview and demonstration!
    Glenn is my personal mentor and he and his wife Eleanor are among my very closest friends.
    When do you estimate that your complete figure drawing series will be available for purchase? When it is available, I’ll purchase it immediately, just as did when your Portrait Drawing Fundamentals became available.
    Thanks for all that you do!

    • Thank you! It’s available now as a digital version, but the DVD will be ready, hopefully, for the holidays.

    • I’m shooting for end of November to have the Figure Fundamentals completed. I’ll be releasing a DVD set (5-6 disks) of the videos. The DVD set will probably cost a little more than the digital version that is already available to purchase, because of the extra expense to make multi-disk sets.

  2. Gabriel Marquez says:

    Hey Proko! So I was wondering, how do you know which planes go where? You might’ve already covered this but I just want to know because my planes seem too complicated (in the bad way). Also, what would be your approach to a worm’s eye view or perhaps bird’s eye view. Thanks!

    • Well you never really KNOW where the planes go. You just use your best judgment. Different artists might use different planes to simplify the same organic form. As you practice, your judgment will improve. However, some forms have obvious front, sides, and back planes. Such as the head or torso. In those cases, just observe which direction those sides are pointing and draw the planes to indicate that.

      • Gabriel Marquez says:

        So what would be your approach to something like the worm’s eye view?

        • Same approach. Worms eye view means you’re seeing the bottom planes of all the forms. Get a little bit of foreshortening through the whole body. And the horizon line is very low relative to the figure.

          • Gabriel Marquez says:

            Thanks! Man, I really wish I had the money to get the premium version and a scanner so that I could show you my work (I’m a high school student)! Thank you so much!!!

  3. GCatalinStefan says:


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    Thank you in advance,
    Gheorghe Catalin-Stefan

  4. André says:

    Your videos are very good! Congratulations on your initiative.

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  6. Florida says:

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  7. Gabriel da Cruz says:

    So, is it okay to use a bit of gesture as a base for the model prior to mannequinization?
    I see that you used a bit of gesture in the video while drawing this figure and then adding up to the geometry to create the mannequin shape, am I correct?

  8. Nguyen Nguyen says:

    I have question: Don’t you need to draw the gestures out first before putting the basic shapes? Won’t it make the figure stiff?

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