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Mannequinization – Drawing Example 1

October 7, 20135 Comments

First example of mannequinization. Drawing the human figure with a focus on structure.

The Premium section has 20 examples of drawing the structure of the body and MUCH more.


*** Critiques ***
Deadline for critique submissions is Tuesday October 8th. Marshall Vandruff and I will critique structure, bean, robo bean, landmarks, and mannequinization drawings. If you want to be critiqued in the video submit here –

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  1. Jacques Massey says:

    I feel like the model is leaning back and slightly away from the viewer, whereas the the mannequin just shows a twist of the upper torso. Of course, I’d never have noticed without having watched the videos for the last month and half. (Awesome website btw; I’m reading Loomis while working on the portrait drawing material).

  2. Thank you for breaking down the organic figure into simple forms. The more examples you provide, the easier it becomes for me to see depth.

  3. Jean Sturm says:

    Thank you for your videos. I love them. You are so much like my young, talented and classically trained art teacher at our local Jr. College. You really compliment everything I am studying.

  4. jrbarker says:

    Thanks for sharing the video. I’m surprised you didn’t start with a gesture. Did you just do that for this video or do you usually go straight to the mannequin stage when drawing a figure?

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