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How to Shade a Drawing – The Process

January 30, 20149 Comments
How to Shade a Drawing
If you’re a Premium Member of the Figure Drawing Course – View the full lesson

In this Premium Lesson I describe my complete process of drawing a figure, step by step.

Snippets from the Premium Lesson:

Usually, core shadows will have soft or firm edges. Soft typically in the larger fleshy areas. Firm in the bony and tendinous parts. The scenario when this general edge pattern isn’t true is when you have very soft lighting, such as an overcast day.  Look at the difference between these two eggs. The one on the left is something you’ll find in a typical studio light setup with a single strong light bulb pointing at the model. Or, outside in direct sunlight… watch the video

To simplify things in my mind, I like using the 5-value rule – allowing yourself only 5 values to shade with. And there’s two applications to this rule – Compositional and Within Forms. Compositional is… watch the video

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  1. harshad gholap says:

    hi Stan Prokopenko,

    where is “How to Shade a Drawing – The Process” video in premium list? i really try hard to find but i never find this video please help.


    harshad gholap

  2. Tom Presler says:

    How do I join?

  3. peter says:

    Once i get a job, ill buy your courses … 🙂

  4. frank says:

    Stan I really love your videos and the way u simplify drawing,, its really interesting,, and u also very funny:)
    But I have a problem,, all my shadings arnt plane,, they dnt look smooth like yours, the look rough, so ifu could jus tell me the actual pencil to use,, and paper, maybe it might be helpful and a cerain way to hold my pencil, make the drawing look more alive, I would be very grateful,thanks ,frank.

  5. Ricky says:

    I’m wondering whether or not there is subtitle in video?

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