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How to Draw Poses that are THICC – Butt Muscle Critiques

November 1, 20182 Comments
Butt Muscle Critiques
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Prepare your butts for the cheekiest critique I’ve ever made. This week I’m looking at all the butts students drew for this assignment and evaluating them on a scale of 1 to THICC. Just kidding! I’m actually going to be helping you guys out by showing you some of the common problems students had with drawing the forms. If you’re coming into this blind (or you need a refresher) make sure to check out the previous butt lesson.

This critique is exclusive to the Premium Anatomy Course. Join now for extended lessons, extra demos, ebooks that summarize each lesson, and 3D models to draw from.

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  1. Great! how can I find the courses? Thanks.

  2. Rezu says:

    Superb drawing technique. I am inspired. Thanks for sharing.

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